Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest Obsessions: Starvation Station

The last time I featured my Pinterest obsessions, y'all were all "ohmigod Melissa, you should totally do this on the reg. And also you're so pretty and funny and should probably have a reality show."

Okay, so some of that may or may not have been verbalized, but that doesn't make it any less true!!

While I could feature some of my newest boards dedicated entirely to shoes or man-eating braids, right now, I'm kinda obsessed with getting back on the Paleo bandwagon (a week in Ireland and a move shortly thereafter have gotten me so off track that I'm fairly certain my arteries are pumping pure corn syrup somewhat off track. That said, I've found many a Paleo recipe that I plan on incorporating into our October meal plans.

I know, right??? I mean, I don't even like eggplant, but this tomato topping would probably make, I dunno, a pair of dirty boxers taste delicious. Alright, so maybe that's a bit much--I even grossed myself out, but you knaw I'm sayin'?

I've been dying...DYING to try this whole cauliflower pizza crust whats-it. I know it won't be like eating actual pizza crust, but if I top it with gooey mozzarella and tons of fresh basil and close my eyes real tight, maybe, just maybe it will prevent my from freebasing another a large Domino's ' I cry myself to sleep...but not before I practice model poses in the mirror for an hour.

I mean, it's pie. And not just a pie. A pumpkin pie. Made paleo. Paleo pumpkin pie for autumn. 'Nuff said.

Since we're on the topic of autumnal foods, SOUP! And since I've already gone over the many virtues of cauliflower it should really come as now surprise that it makes an excellent addition/thickener to soups. Add in a healthy dose of bacon (and no, that's not an oxymoron) and you have a literal recipe for warming you heart and soul.

When I'm not freebasing large pepperoni pizzas, I'm pushing the dangers of Chinese food on young, unsuspecting children. This version made with cabbage instead of noodles looks like a suitable (and let's face it, more legal) replacement for my Chinese food addiction.

I may not own a waffle maker now, but if you see a crazy redhead running like a bat out of hell from Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend, you'll know why.


Meg O. said...

Yum! All of that looks delicious!!!

Annalilly said...

Fun...but why would someone put a piece of pie on a linen napkin?

Basilia said...

Omgosh..... so happy I stumbled across your blog!! Food. Yum. I need to learn how to cook... do you pot recipes as well?

Please let me know, I'm hopeless in the Kitchen lol

xo Baz from blogging from a far away land some people call, Sydney Australia.

Lydia Armstrong said...

That roasted eggplant dish looks so freaking amazing. And coconut pumpkin waffles!!

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