Friday, September 30, 2011

HIWWI: Topshop Leopard Scarf

Fall is calling for me. 

Actually, Fall is taunting me with its Regina George-esque smiles-at-your-face-calls-you-a-beyotch-behind-your-back two-facedness. 

The D.C. weather as of late has been dismal, at best. But not the autumnal, leaves falling on the ground, slight chill in the air kind of dismal. It's been grey, cloudy, rainy, and worst of all, fuckin' humid! I thought we got past the humidity in August, Weather!!! Is being the meteorologic equivalent to a sexual assualt (i.e., you have to take multiple showers to get it off of you) three times a month no longer enough for you???? Well, jokes on you, because while the humidity might have ruined my hair two times this week, the temperatures, they are a-changin', and with that, so are my fashion essentials. I'm swapping sandals for scarves. Namely, leopard print scarves, like this one from Topshop.

Last week, I saw a picture on Pinterest of an outfit I am now obsessed with. The dress was a nude, pleated trapeze mini with long sleeves. This dress doesn't have sleeves (or much of a back, for that matter), but it envokes the same flippy spirit of the other one and does so in a pale, dusty pink, perfect for matching my pale, untanned skin.
{Dress, $58}

Yet another trend I found on Pinterest, I love the idea of keeping warm-ish with a pair of leggings, layered underneath a knee-high sock, paired with a distressed boot. So, um, it starts with a basic pair of black leggings:

Topped with a pair of over-the-knee socks (I like this khaki color for this look):

{Socks, $14}

And gets finished off with an amazing pair of distressed leather boots.

There's an expression out there about taking the road less traveled, but c'mon! We're wearing $300 boots!!! There will be no "paving the way" here. Take the road OFTEN traveled and pair this look with an expected red nail, but do it in a rich, deep burgandy.

Untitled #6

So what do y'all think? How would YOU wear it??


Lidiya said...

I adore the leopard scarf, looks so chic! :)

Meg O. said...

I like that look a lot - even when I didn't think I would!!

zoe said...

SO chic!!

Jenna said...

I would wear it just like you and I'd stand in first position just like that model.

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