Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have Your Cake and Wear it Too

It's been a long road, not without its bumps, but I'm finally doing it. 

That's right.




Couldn't you just die???? I mean, couldn't you just keel over and bite the big one, right now??? 

The 60-quart mixer whipping up the dress cake batter

So, yeah, I'm going to be modelling a wedding dress made entirely out of cake and icing. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I'm supes excited. Of course, all I'll be doing is standing in a tube, licking icing off the dress, getting reprimanded for licking icing off the dress, and taking an obnoxious amount of pictures of me licking icing off the dress. The REAL talent here are the bakers, Katelyn Selin, Kait Ingram, and Sandrea Welch Park.

Katelyn and Kait using a little elbow grease to mix the red velvet batter (following proper DHEC guidelines, obvi!)

I first met Katelyn when she was living and working here in D.C., but a few years ago she went and made me uber jelly and went off to culinary school. Fast forward three years and she's finishing her last couple of months in pastry school in Charleston! 

So, these three ladies are going to be showcasing their baking prowess next Friday at Charleston's Iron Chef Competition (part of Southern Living's Taste of Charleston) via one wedding dress made entirely out of cake. Modeled by yours truly. Winky face!

If you're going to be anywhere near the Charleston area, you have to come by for this can't-miss event. I'll even sign autographs for the my Southern CupcakesOMG! fans out there. Just, don't touch me, 'cus, ya know, I don't touch commoners.

Sandrea and Kait celebrate the 44 baked vanilla and red velvet sheet cakes. Next up, icing!!

Fun Wedding Cake Dress Facts:
  • Upon its completion, the cake dress will be 4 feet tall 
  • The cake alone weighs 357 pounds--NOT including the icing! Model has declined to divulge her weight.
  • The cummerbund will be made with fondant
  • 56 pounds of butter and 48 pounds sugar will be used to make the Italian Buttercream alone! In the end, it will weigh 148 pounds!!!!!!
  • All in, they'll use three types of frosting: Italian Buttercream for the skirt, American Buttercream for the bodice, and Royal Icing for the delicate flower and lace details on the neck and arms. 
  • After the cake is built on the model (aka, me), it will be sliced and served for all to enjoy! Yes, even the commoners.


Unknown said...

U shut ur mouth when ur talkin to me!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!! You lead a glam life

Hair Romance said...

Shut up are you serious??!!!??!!

This is the most fantastic thing I have ever heard. I cannot wait to see pictures!

For my birthday 2 years ago I had an 80s kids party theme and I made a princess cake with a barbie inside it. You will be just like barbie.

Annalilly said...

How fun!

And that dress up top is gorgeous.

Meg O. said...

Holy. cow. That's amazing. I expect TONS of pictures. TONS. I am so excited for you!

Cynthia said...

How amazing!!! Can't wait to see tons of pics!!

Ly said...

THIS IS AMAZING!! I can't wait to see pictures.



choose to be happy blog said...

OMG i just found your blog and now i am dying to see pictures!!!!!!

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