Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Obsessedicals

Lana Del Rey is just about to become a super effing HYUAGE star and she doesn't even have a single released yet. I'm bringing her to you just before that happens, so you (like me) can be one of those annoying douchebags that says "Oh yeah, I've been listening to Lana Del Rey since before she was big..." and pretty much lose 85% of your dignity. It's totally worth it though, because her songs are To.Die.For. In fact, that's a theme in some of her songs (Kill, Kill; Kinda Outta Luck), but you won't pick up on it right away because her seductive, and sometimes baby, voice won't let you.

{Video Games is one of her most popular songs and likely her first single}

Like many "fresh out the oven" artists before her, Lana is under quite a bit of scrutiny from various assholes who still live with their moms in their upper-middle class homes, wear ball-cupping tight jeans, drink PBR from a can, and talk about anything mainstream with the same disdain one might talk about the crimes against humanity Hitler committed hipsters for her evolution from cutesy,struggling performer, domain investor's daughter Lizzy Grant (her real name) to every man's bombshell fantasy, lip-enhanced, "sadcore" recording artist Lana, to which I say "GET A JOB!!!!" I mean, seriously, how much time do these people have on their hands that they can spend their day scrounging up grainy pictures from 5 years ago, analyzing the whole "did she/didn't she" debacle of her mouth parts, when in reality, we all know they're jerking it to her picture??? I promiiiiiiiiiiiiise you, the world needs good health sanitation employees. Think of it as a fundraiser for getting yourself wasted and annoying more people with your pro-con list about whether you should get bangs.

Yes, she probably did get her lips enhanced, but who the fuck cares? If we judged an artist's merits solely on the basis of whether they've altered their appearance, we'd have...Weird Al Yankovich. That's it. Weird fucking Al. Is that what you hipsters want??? White dudes with bad afros singing parody songs? Well that's just fine, you can have them. I, on the other hand, prefer the likes of Lana, who is beautiful enough to get me interested and talented enough to keep me around for a long time.

If like me, you can't get enough of her, you can listen to all of her stuff (even from when she was Lizzy Grant) on Grooveshark.

So, what good music have you stumbled upon recently that's got you all obsessedicals?? 


Twatson said...

Kimbra has just released her first album down in Oz and it's crazy good.

Check it out!

Linda said...

Thanks alot! Now I AM obsessed with Ms. Del Rey... awesome video!

Linda said...

a lot... I can spell!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the reco! Love it and am now obsessed. Lately I've loved Sarah Jarosz (but only while driving through Utah) and "Raindrops" by Basement Jaxx... and "Just Breathe" by Frou Frou.

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