Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gourd-geous Pumpkins!

By now, you're all well aware my pumpkin carving skills are in fact, not skills at all, and instead, just very sad, very awkward movements of hand and child-friendly carving devices. You should also be well aware that it's unofficially pumpkin week here at CupcakesOMG! (More like Cupcakes Oh My Gourd!...I don't care if I've already used it this week!)
Since pumpkin carving isn't really my thang, I did what I normally do with pumpkins and painted them. Unlike most years, I haven't really gotten into decorating for Halloween, so I wasn't entirely in the mood to take the decor too literally, so instead of oranges and yellows, I opted for something a little more ladylike and little less "I hate these colors all year long but they're okay for 3 weeks out of the year!"
I covered the stems in gold glitter because GLITTER!
The glitter is everything.
Do you paint or carve your pumpkins? How great is glitter?! And what do you think of my new C. Wonder napkins used as props in this photo?!?!?


MyCraftAffair said...

Girl! The napkins are awesome, in fact I want some too! I carve my pumpkins every year. What can I say, I like a scary pumpkin =].
BTW I kinda LOVE how you roll lol and all of the treats you post. I've made your choc. chip cookies countless times and I can't stop eating them. It really is a problem!

xx Mariya @

Mark and Rachel said...

I like the napkins b/c they are quatrefoils, duh! :) See you this weekend!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

these look awesome. We bedazzled some pumpkins last week too and the glitter stem was my favorite part

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, how adorable are these. They look FANTASTIC. XO

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