Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rhode Island is Neither a Road, Nor an Island: Discuss

As you already know, I was in Rhode Island last week for Kyle's brother's wedding. In the name of efficiency (I AM in Ireland after all...), here's a pictorial recap!

Here's the pitmaster (the rehearsal dinner was a North Carolina-style barbecue!).

A new beer I discovered and am now a huge fan of!

Kyle and his brother Scott in an intense conversation, likely about
the importance of wearing sunglasses on your head at all times.

Me and Kyle being ABSOLUTELY adorably adorables!

Del's Lemonade is apparently a Rhode Island thing, which is pretty much like a lemon
slushie or Italian ice, but made with real lemon and served in paper cups.

It wouldn't be Rhode Island without a little chowda'...

...and clam cakes (another Rhode Island specialty that's really like a fritter with chunks of clam).

The precious couple the festivities were in honor of...and stuff. I hate to end a sentence with a preposition.

My very un-paleo dish of barbecue sauce slathered pork, Texas toast, baked beans, coleslaw, and sweet potato casserole!

The couple kissed during the sabre ceremony

The reception was held at Aldrich mansion, the house featured quite prominently in the Brad Pitt trainwreck vehicle "Meet Joe Black"

It was absolutely stunning!

As was the cake, which was incredibly delicious! WEDDINGCAKEOMG!!!!!


Chelsea said...

OK, you are looking very cute. And for the wedding I love the venue and the cake...classic and elegant. xo

Meg O. said...

What I would do for some New England Clam Chowdah right now. The hubs is from the Boston area (sort of close to RI, actually) and it is just so much better up there. Great pictures! Y'all look adorable - looks like a great time!

Tari said...

What a lovely wedding! I love it all!

Dania @ Always Dania said...

looks like you had so much fun! and you got the money shot when it came to the bride & grooms kiss :)


bb said...

You teal dress is adorable, and I want to try that UFO beer!

x. jill
those ghosts

Style Dilettante said...

Okay - all that food is really making me hungry! And you're quite right - you and your man are indeed adorable adorables. (Is the sunglasses on the head an East Coast thing? I hate it when men out here wear them on the back of their neck!)


Alyssa said...

Cute photos!

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