Monday, July 18, 2011

Crave Cupcakes Review

You probably already know, but my birthday was a couple of weeks ago--okay okay, even I'M getting sick of hearing myself say that. What can I say? I just LOVE being alive!! But this time it's kind of pertinent. For my birthday, my parents took my to a Houston cupcakery I hadn't been to before, Crave Cupcakes

{Yep, that's my mom in the front, gettin' her pose on.}

I ordered some gluten free cupcakes from them a while back for my Mom's birthday, as they were the only cupcake shop in Houston with both a gluten free cupcake and delivery. Not long after that, she and my dad discovered the shop not far from one of their favorite lunch spots downtown. So following a birthday lunch (complete with cheesecake), we made a trip for another birthday indulgence.

{Strawberry Cupcakes}

{Chocolate Cupcakes}

{Cinnamon Cupcakes}

{Italian Cream Cupcakes}

{Breakfast Zucchini Walnut Cupcakes. Finally, an excuse to eat cupcakes for breakfast}

 {Here's what she's busy making}

There's lots to look at, between the gal pressing out old-fashion mixer-stamped fondant toppers and the delectable cupcakes in their cases, but I gotta say the wall of vintage mixers is super cool. It's like a cotton-candy-colored wall of dreams of yesteryear!!!

{It's an old timey version of my own pink mixer!}

Okay, so I know you're dying to know what cupcake I got. Well, after the Sprinkles disaster, I thought I'd give the cinnamon cupcake it's come-upance, so that's what I got. And boy did it come-upent!

The cake was a sweet cinnamon cake, incredibly moist and fluffy. The icing was an equally sweet cinnamon sugar cream cheese. I would have happily eaten it off a shoe. And it was daintily topped with a Crave insignia'd fondant. Freshly pressed that day, I'm sure.

{Ma mere with her gluten free cuppie}

{My dad with his cupcake--same as me--and his staple drink, coffee.}

We were all quite pleased with our choices, but in the end, my stomach's capacity was reached, and I could eat no more. Who knew it was possible?? I'm not worried about one wounded soldier, though. There's a whole army waiting for my return.


CristenC said...

Crave is my favorite place for cupcakes in Houston! I highly recommend Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla. Boring choices but so good! I used to eat one a week but then Lincoln was born and I couldn't justify all the cupcakes=)

Unknown said...

Crave is by far the best cupcake in Houston! Sugarbabies tastes like kroger and sprinkles tastes like overcooked box cake :( by the way... God u look good in yellow!

Meg O. said...

I do enjoy Crave! I think their Strawberry cupcake is their best! The lemon one is also really good - I love how there's chunks of lemon zest in the frosting. Never had the cinnamon- must try. I also really think the breakfast cupcakes are genius. I had the apple streusel one (it even had a streusel type thingie on top, so fab) and really enjoyed it. The only thing that kind of bothers me about Crave is that it almost looks like a Sprinkles copycat to me. But their fondant tastes better. Also I feel they can be a bit inconsistent. I'll get a cupcake and it won't be the exact same if I order it again. Hasn't happened as much recently, as I've been a few times in the last couple months.

Meg O. said...

Btw, your mom looks hawt! Oh, and you're hawt too (of course)!

Fashion By He said...

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Annalilly said...

Your parents look adorable!

I'm not a big chocolate cake person, but their chocolate cakes look lovely.

Agreed about the fondant, Meg. It looks suspiciously similar.

Sunshine - said...

Mmmmmm....they look yum-o! Never had a gluten free cupcake. I must try!

Kel said...

Oh my does that look good. I think my sweet tooth is in overdrive!

With lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

Come see why I 'wear the pants'

Patricia Paramo said...

very cute blog

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