Sunday, July 17, 2011

HIWWI: Detachable Collar

Hello little chickens! I skipped last week's HIWWI because things were a little cray cray here at casa CupcakesOMG! You're probably well aware by now that my birthday was last week (I'm still accepting both presents and well-wishes), plus my friend Julia was in town so needless to say there was much happy houring going on. But we're back, and better than ever (maybe?), because this week's edition of HIWWI is a doozy with a "Steal or Splurge" kind of vibe.

I found the leopard collar first on a blog that I can neither remember nor find, so I'm now taking credit for finding it. Voila! Insta-ego. As much as a I loveloveLOVE the collar, $375 seems reallllllllll steep for a glorified necklace (although it is super fly and would totes make my fashion stock go through the roof), so I was supes excited to find the black one for a mere $24. Kyle loses more money than that in his couch cushions. This is relevant because I'll try to figure out a way for Kyle to buy this for me. I digress.

Let's talk practicality. Detachable collars are practical. The end. 

Okay, you want more? Detachable collars are the mullet of clothes. The collar says "it's business time", while the lack of any additional fabric says, "but I still know how to get down wit' da get down, ya hearrrrd?" They're versatile and every man, woman, and child should own one. 

Keeping this sentiment in mind, the look I consider this collar most apropos for is geek chic (spoiler alert: suspenders are involved.) The look starts with a basic tank, like this one by The Wang:

Basic and versatile, you'll be able to wear this with anything. Plus, the boob pocket gives you all the reason you need to top the look off with a pocket protector. Win/Win!

Then, I'd tuck this tank into a tailored, full mini skirt. This patterned one is perfect:

We're now both prim AND proper...but not yet geeky. That's where the suspenders come in. Think of it as the literal suspension of your persona into complete geekdom.

This model knows what's up. (It's the waist of her pants, in case you weren't sure.)

I think this outfit is the perfect one for playing with the whole socks-with-heels concept. 

{Yellow Socks, $3.50--sorry for the creepy shot. It's the only one they had}

I'm obsessedicals with these yellow socks tucked into black platforms, like so:

Now, run free (socks and heels and all!!), my geeks-in-training and get thee a detachable collar. If you already have one or decide to try this look, tell me how you wore it in the comments!!


Unknown said...

Wow, this outfit looks awesome! I mean, I haven't seen it on yet and I already can imagine how great it would look. The yellow details of the braces and socks are perfect!


Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

obsessed with that skirt! you bring new meaning to Cher's Wardrobe creator in Clueless.

Chicca said...

OH,love this post!!!Thanks for the tips and the shoes are to die for!

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