Thursday, June 23, 2011

HIWWI: Haus of Price Mega Bootie

I pride myself on being a fairly resolute person. If I like something, I like it. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. This shoe, however, threw me for a fickle loop. The first time I saw it, I thought it was terrible gauche (that's a fancy way of saying gaudy, obvi). And this, coming from me!!! The next time I saw it though, I thought, okay, I can see how some people might like it. The next time I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Sadly, by this time the shoe was sold out. Oh, and it's also $335.

So I totally get if you don't appreciate this shoe right now. Give it time. Before you know it, the image of multi-colored gem-encrusted open-toe booties will have embedded itself into your subconscious and you'll wonder how you could have ever NOT appreciated such immaculate footwear.

That said, the shoes continue to elude me and sell out. I hate every single person that has a pair of these right now. But since a girl can dream, let's whip up an outfit worthy of this bedazzled centerpiece.

I love the shape of this Zara dress. The off-white color is the perfect "Jem" to the shoe's "Pizzazz." Literally.

In keeping the dress quite simple, we now have a bit more creative license for accessories. They should still be simple and few, but still special/slightly tacky in their own right. I love this necklace for all of these reasons:

I just became obsessed with evil eye jewelry, so this bracelet would be perfect to round out this look:

And finally, don't forget to paint your toes--they'll be peeping out of those awesome kicks after all. Chanel just released its fall nail colors, and I think this one would be perfect:

So what do y'all think?? Would you wear these shoes? Did you do a double take?? Do you think what you wear even matters when your footwear is just.that.fabulous.??? Tell me everything in the comments!


Kerry said...

At first I was like... those are really crazy shoes. Who wears shoes like that. Then I scrolled back up and thought, but they're really sparkly. I like sparkly. I want sparkly. I WANT THESE SHOES. Lol. I can't imagine ever wearing something like that at all though, I feel weird in a pair of regular heels let alone something funky & bedazzled, but this whole outfit would be amazing & kind of perfect. I love the necklace especially. And that nail polish. God, now I just want to go shopping.

Unknown said...

sounds so familiar. i go through tht same process with waaaay to many things!

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