Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Big Bird (and Glitter)

{Mark + James dress, Steve Madden heels, Zara clutch, H&M ring,
Express and Forever 21 bracelets, Express earrings

I'm hoping you won't be able to tell how overcast it was when Kyle took these pictures. I'm also hoping you're blindly unaware of how critical I was being of, well, everything around me as we were taking these. "That angle is unflattering." "I'm cold." "I hate everyone on the New Jersey Turnpike!!!" What I AM hoping you'll notice is how amazing I look in this yellow dress.

I realized I looked good in yellow some time in high school after I started coloring my hair red. Something about the culinary color combo of ketchup and mustard works even in the absence of a cookout. So when I started evaluating options for Kyle's roommate's wedding this weekend, I knew I wanted to wear something yellow. Bonus points if it had sequins. 

After browsing nearly the entire breadth of the women's dress selection on, I found the perfect dress. I knew I could do far more justice for this dress than the sad sap, frail, blond thing modeling it online. Despite it's $400 price tag, I was ready to make my purchase. It's called an investment piece, y'all. Also, that's how I justify everything I buy. "Oh, this orange rhinestone turban?? It's an investment piece. Timeless, really. I imagine it will be passed down shopaholic generation after generation."

So anyway, I'm going to tear my AmEx from the grips of Kyle's callused hands when I was faced with a scenario unfamiliar to me: I could not have it. The damn dress was sold out!! 

"But who else could wear this as well as me?!," I lamented. No one, that's who. I scoured my standby stores to find the dress elsewhere, and yet again came up empty-handed. Down, but not defeated, I explored one final option: Rent the Runway. 

{Sneakin' a peek}

If you haven't had the eye-opening experience of being introduced to RTR, allow me to explain. It's like Netflix for designer duds. Dresses, bags, jewelry, it's all there and ready to rent for 4 days at a far more reasonable price (generally between $50-$100 per item) than purchasing your own. But wait, there's more! Not only will they send you your (freshly dry-cleaned) dreamy dress in a really chic garment bag with a prepaid return envelope, but they'll also send you a second size totally free. There is literally nothing more genius than this concept. NOTHING!!!

This marked my first experience using RTR and I'm delighted to report it went off without a hitch. Well, ya know, except for the part where I got bitchy at my boyfriend. He's real patient. I'm real crazy. We work well because/in spite of this. 

The dress arrived exactly when it was supposed to and the garments were immaculate. For anyone with a busy wedding-going-to season, RTR is an amazing option to consider. It certainly beats shelling out a couple hundo for a new dress for each event. I'm planning on using them again in September for Kyle's brother's wedding. 

{Chanel's Particuliere underneath OPI's Only Gold for Me top coat. I felt compelled to share with you. You're welcome.}

And btw, in case you couldn't tell, the look I was going for was if Liberace and Big Bird had a baby and that baby went on to be Vegas showgirl (minus the headdress). I feel pretty good about the whole effect, really.

I mean, with a mug like this, how could I not?!?!

So, the question is, what color should I wear next? Have you ever used RTR? Did you have as great an experience as me?? Do you think you could look better in yellow than moi?!?! Tell me everything in the comments!


Joanna said...

lovely dress! and the nail polish is so cute!

CLDevlin said...

i'm a huge fan of yellow. this dress is definitely awesome. the next color I propose you attempt to rock out is orange. i've been shopping all over kingdom come for an orange dress, but i can't even find the joker, let alone the queen. seek, purchase, accessorize, and document plz!

Anonymous said...

You look Beautiful! I love that dress especially with your hair. Very glamorous.


Meg O. said...

I have always wanted to try RTR but have been scared/skeptical. But man, you look amazing! I have got to try this (once I'm post partum and post fat)!

Hair Romance said...

ooh I love yellow and love sequins. You look gorgeous!
I never thought of using RTR - perfect for wedding season!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love that top coat?! I got mine from Sephora though. I just featured it in a recent post too.


Ashleigh Nicole said...

So loving the nails!! (older blog)

Lexi said...

Perfect nails!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Chelsea said...

Ok, you really have me cracking up. But seriously, I love Chanel particuliere as well- especially layered with glitter (Deborah Lippman for sure!).

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