Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FWYI: Links You Should Care About

Well, I've been reading some internet stuff, as I've been known to do, and I simply can't help but share a few things.

  • So, the guy who played Horace on Lost got married last month. Not that that would be newsworthy for any other reason than that he married a 16 year old!!!! Fact. Did that just blow your mind? Well The Daily Mail found a video of his child bride, who, btw, is trying to become a country music singer, so prepare to have your mind blown once again, friends. There are so many things wrong with the video, I hardly know where to start. Since when did low-budget auto-tuned teen bop become country music? Her parents claim she's had no plastic surgery, but I'm pretty sure those orbs on her chest could be used as a flotation device, should she fall out of that dingy. And I can't be sure, but isn't that a Fat Tuesday's glass she's holding? Ah, eff it. She's married at 16...underage drinking is the least of her worries.
  • A new Miss USA was crowned on Sunday night. I wouldn't normally make a fuss (obsessed with pageants and pretty, sparkly things though I am), but bitch be a redhead!! A redhead y'all. Good.For.Us. And yes, I consider it a victory for myself as well. 

Whoops...how did THAT get in there...??

Here's the real winner. You can see how I would make the mix-up though, right???


Kerry said...

Oh wow. No joke, you & Miss USA could be twin sisters. That's crazy.

... I miss my red hair now.

And thanks for posting the brown sugar link! Isn't it fun? I never knew making brown sugar was that easy.

Anonymous said...

The whole "I'm a 16 year old teen bride" would be better if the guy looked more like, say, Zac Efron. But dude is Horace from Lost. What a loser! :D xoxo

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