Thursday, May 26, 2011

How I Would Wear It: Prada Eyebrow Glasses

To quote Marilyn Monroe, "Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." However, when all you're trying to do is Man Repel, who gives a rat's ass what the opposite sex thinks?! That said, there's no one I want to befriend who CAN'T see the sense of humor and whimsy in these here spectacles. 

According to Darwinian theory, it's a wonder I've managed to survive this long, as I fall victim to several genetic weaknesses: allergies, an inability to tan, and poor vision. I don't even want to get into the ashtma!!! I can, however, fool everyone around me into thinking I'm healthier and fitter than I am by decorating myself with accessories that say, "I'm better than you, can't you tell?" THAT'S THE TICKET!!

Which brings me back to these Prada eyebrow glasses...I first spotted them over at The Beckerman Bite Plate, where they were lucky enough to find the sunglass version:

{Image via Beckerman Bite Plate. And also, awesomeness.} 

I love the John Waters-meets-Bettie Page look Samantha has curated here, but because Memorial Day is coming up and I'm DYING to lounge by the pool with a cute hairstyle and a pitcher of margs, I'm styling these shades for the likes of a pool/beach day.

In keeping with the vintage feel, I'm really drawn to high-waisted bikinis this year. 

I know, I know...I'm already repelling with the glasses, do I really wanna repel with the bikini too?? Well, frankly me dears, I don't give a fuck. 

I've always admired the retro glamour of the aforementioned Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Grable. So yeah, even though women are using the ol' "high waisted bikinis are a great way to hide a tummy" schtick, there's still a lot of sex appeal to this style. Case in point:

Not so bad, eh?? There's both an exposed belly button and boob cleavage. Everybody wins!! Personally, I'm not one for throwing on a pair of elastic-waist shorts and a tee and calling it a cover-up. Besides, there simply aren't enough excuses to wear sheer, harem pant jumpsuits:

I like this because, like a tuxedo shirt, it says "I'm formal, but I'm here to party". Paired with a colorful flat sandal and matching hair turban (YES! I said hair turban...and?!?!), and your beach day of whimsy is complete. 

{Steve Madden sandal}


Who's the fittest now, Darwin?? YEAH! Suck it!!! 

Disclaimer: Like a fine ice cream sundae, no look is really complete until you've topped it with something extra sweet. I would likely wear a big earring or at MINIMUM a cocktail ring before stepping foot out my door, but ya know, it's your prerogative not to. Just take a page from Whitney Houston's book and do what feels right.


Joelle said...

If you're wearing those sunglasses I do require pictures! Actually the whole outfit, you may be the only one I knew that can pull it off! :D

Sienna said...

oh those glasses are too cool

Hair Romance said...

LOVE! The turban pulls it all together for me too. And it definitely requires an obscenely large cocktail ring.

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog as I have now found your lovely site!

Christina @ Hair Romance xx

Meg O. said...

Your quirky, extravagant style makes me wanna jump outta my comfort zone. Not sure I'll be purchasing the eyebrow sunglasses, but dang, I all of a sudden want a turban!

Anonymous said...

WHERE DID YOU BUY THOSE???????? I'VE BEEN SEARCHING THE INTERNET FOR A WHILE NOW. Seriously.. though i've had no such luck in finding these anywhere. "runway only" :'(

Anonymous said...

This whole ensemble is brilliant! You are now one of my favorite bloggers! Your writing is so great and you have such a great style. I love the man repelling and that flat out don't care what people think. So inspiring :)


Prada said...

Wow you look lovey in this Sunglasses..What a lovely blog! your looks are truly beautiful! You’ve given me lots of inspiration here. Thank you so very much!

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