Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...More Like "Cupcake Bores"

Remember when I told you about the Food Network's new cupcake competition show Cupcake Wars? I know you wrote about it that same night in your little girl diary, just like Claire from Lost:

I realize I'm like 5 years behind, but I just started watching and I'm obsessed!!!

Well, I finally caught the last half of it last night. I don't know if I'm saddened, humiliated, or personally offended, but it's my responsibility to tell you the show is shit.

In what alternate universe are we living that could make watching people bake cupcakes for an hour boring-er than being stranded on a deserted island (pre suspicious French transmissions for help)??

Apparently, the "brilliant" execs over at the Food Network thought they'd take the premise of another crap show, and adapt it for cupcake bakers. I mean, honestly?!?! Have you gone MENTAL Food Network? Nobody watches Chopped...that's why you only rerun it like, two times a week. Have you every watched the Food Network?? The only thing run LESS often than "Chopped" are games from the World Cup; I'm pretty sure I'm starting to understand what a "goal" is now.

I'm not sure what this clip is since it couldn't hold my interest, but if we're "lucky" it's a clip from the show
The show is crap because the contestants annoy me (the guy I saw last night kept bitching at his volunteer staff), the cupcakes aren't very original OR pretty, and the concept is weak overall. I really hope Cupcake Dreams can make up for this trainwreck of a cupcake show, otherwise, I fear cupcakes may start getting a bad rap.

Ah well, at least I've got 4 seasons of Lost to keep me entertained this summer!

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