Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Usually, I spend my time on this blog lamenting over where to find the perfect cupcake in DC or how great I look, but today, I wanted to shine the spotlight elsewhere. Of course, cupcakes are still a part of the equation (this is CupcakesOMG! after all), but it's about so much more than that too. In a word, it's about "lifestyle."

This girl Emily, who looks your best friend's older, cooler sister or a younger, real-life, prettier Carrie Bradshaw, documents basically anything she damn well pleases, but mostly, she shares pictures of her cute outfits, like this:

Or super clever decorating ideas like these glass door knobs as necklace organizers:

And it's probably no surprise that she also features yummy treats she makes, such as:
This girl can't be more than 28 and she's making salted caramels...CARAMELS people!! Have you any concept of how intense that is???

Have you ever heard of an Ice Cream Sandwich truck? Or a salon that has no services other than blow outs?!? Yeah, me neither, but Emily will tell you all about it. How this gal keeps her blog constantly updated with amazing fashion, delectable recipes, and all her best "finds" is beyond me, but it gets noticed. And by important people. Like...fashion people. Like...Coach. Coach bags. Yeah, them. She got to design a bag for Coach!! I die. I'm dying. Literally, dead.

So, Emily's blog got me thinking--should I turn my Cupcake-exclusive blog into more of a 360-degree view of my uber-fashionable-and highly-inspirational-life blog??

While y'all ruminate on that (and add your thoughts to the comments section!!), I'm gonna go back to Emily's blog and feel like an inadequate human being.


Das What She Said said...

Got linked to this off Emily's facebook page. Isn't she great??


CupcakesOMG! said...

She's pretty amazing. Thanks for stopping by Das!

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