Thursday, April 29, 2010

SOME of the People Behind D.C.'s Cupcake Explosion

Like my dear, blonde, historic-preserving good friend Anna said...why wasn't I included in this?!

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Because I know you care what I have to say on the matter, I do agree with the owner of Baked and Wired. It should go without saying I will never admit to there being such a thing as "too many cupcakes", but I too wonder if D.C. has the capacity to accommodate even more cupcake-only shops.

Cupcakes are like that Swedish acoustic solo artist who you discovered on your Jack Johnson Pandora station and isn't quite famous yet, but you know some day she probably will be. And when she finally does get called out on Twitter by some celebutard like Ashton Kutcher or one of her songs winds up on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack, that's when you'll be all "oh, yeah, I've been listening to Ulriga since before she was cool", which, ya know, will really solidify your superiority. And then after an appearance on SNL and two number 1 singles in a row, she'll come out with a "new sound", whiter teeth, a quarterback boyfriend, and a couple singles featuring Missy Elliott or Lil' Wayne. But even though she looks cuter, and is thinner thanks to the impossible standards of beauty set forth by Hollywood, now her music sucks, but you can't get away from it 'cus they play it every 9th song during the Kane show in the mornings!!! And then suddenly she's winning Grammy's, making cameo appearances on Disney shows like iCarly, and signing Oprah's "no-phone zone" pledge, and you're thinking to yourself "WTF Ulriga...what happened?!"

So yeah, cupcakes are just like that. The last thing this economy needs is another trendy business concept with no sense of quality or value (remember oxygen bars? No? Oh that's right...cus they were stupid!). Having a quality cupcake shop (or bakery selling great cupcakes) in every neighborhood is one thing, but when every Tom, Dick, and Ulriga quit their publicist day job to open up another mediocre cupcake shop, that's when the quality starts to suffer. And THAT, my friends, is going to give cupcakes a bad name.

Next question.

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