Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Don't get it twisted--Gaga is still my number one "things-that-start-with-the-letter-G" obsession:

But Fox's runaway hit Glee is inching in as my second favorite, followed, of course by Guidettes (Snookie has single-handedly taken my favorite hobby of grooming to a-whole-nother level).

Now, up until last night, my old and new obsessions had yet to truly collide, but when they finally did, well, I'm pretty sure the heavens opened and the angels shed a single tear. In a word, it was magical.

Honestly, it would be weird if you DIDN'T ask yourself "what the hell is going on?" It's a burger...holding hands with a cupcake! It's the food equivalent of Richard Simmons dating,oh  I dunno, anything that's not a farm animal. 

I mean, hey, I get it...but I recognize that owning 3 cupcake costumes (2 store bought, 1 that I crocheted. No big.) and a Cherry-on-top hat isn't a staple in most people's wardrobe. So it's reasonable that such deprived peasants would be curious to understand the scenario being presented in this image. For that, I say get thee to the Fox website to watch last night's episode, 'cus Mama's got better things to do than explain that to you, like one-armed handstand push-ups. I can basically do 100. Impressive? Yeah, it is.

My point is that that if you're not watching Glee, you should be. And if you're not eating cupcakes, you can at least dress like one. 

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