Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google OS Nomenclature = Sugary Decimal System

Y'all probably heard that Google is coming out with their own smart phone. I guess it's cool. It's not my iPhone, however, which successfully dropped my call with my friend Shannon 26 times the other night. That takes real talent, Google!

Anyway, as with any masterpiece, the OS underwent a few versions before the initial launch, which is good since it worked out any kinks before you, the consumer, were inconvenienced by them (you hear that Steve Jobs?!).

It's kinda too bad though, because the nerds, ummm, I mean, programmers over at Google psuedonymed the first version of Android as the greatest word of all time: "Cupcake." It was subsequently followed by versions named after other, inferior desserts and pastries like "Donut" and "Eclair."

...And thus, the Sugary Decimal System was created. No one every had to worry about where to find the cupcakes amidst the whoopie pies or icebox cakes ever again. Order was restored the chaotic Pastry Kingdom and everyone lived happily, if not someone unhealthifully, ever after.

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