Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Top Cupcake

I'm from Texas. Howdy. We believe that everything should be bigger and, consequently, better (i.e., hair, hats, boobs etc.)

This concept of ginormous cupcakes so big they really no longer qualify as cupcakes isn't necessarily a new one, but now there's a fun, nay, groundbreaking new commercial to illustrate the wonderment of such a monstrosity:

ARE YOU RUSHING TO THE PHONE YET?!?!? Seriously!!! Did you see those cookie cutters at the end?!?! They're a $20 value!!!!!!! And you can fill the vessel of the cake!!!!!! GET RIGHT OUT OF TOWN!!! OMG, hurry up!!!! They're going to RUN OUT OF MERCHANDISE!!!!!! Are you in debt up to your ears?? Who cares?!!? It's worth defaulting on one more credit card payment when you can bake sweet, sweet, lifechanging Big Top Cupcakes!!!!

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