Monday, December 21, 2009

One (Wo)Man's Cupcakes Are Another Man's Soda Pops

If you're not my friend on Facebook, and unless you're one of my 950-something "friends" you're not, then you haven't yet seen this amazing video:

How did you feel after you watched it?? Did you think you'd only watch the first couple minutes of it and then go back to watching reruns of "Baking with Julia"...'cus I did.

And then did you find that you started to develop an unusual passion that you never before knew you had for soda...I mean, colas of all things?!!

Did you find yourself on this man's website seriously considering purchasing a (glass) bottle of cucumber soda only to be wrestled to the floor by your boyfriend as you take your debit card out of your wallet because you've already spent far too much money on Christmas presents (for yourself, mostly) and another $3.00 on a bottle of soda could be the charge that sends the creditors after you??!! Because I did.

The point of this is to say, yes, I admit, I've been MIA. It's a long boring story that started with my parents buying me a silver Dell in college 5 years ago, involved me buying a new pink Dell over Thanksgiving, and ends with me typing this blog entry. What I'm saying is, old passions die hard. That is to say, they don't die. So whether it's sodas or cupcakes, passion loud, passion proud. And yes, I'm back. Of course, I will be on hiatus over the holidays, soooooooooo...see ya in two weeks!!!

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