Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Have 4 Days to Eat These Cupcakes

Generally, I don't put eat cupcakes with a time constraint on myself, but let's face facts: it's weird eating Halloween-themed cupcakes when Halloween is over. It's highly unfashionable, if you will. And if there's anything I'm not, it's unfashionable.

Until November 1st though, these little babies are the height of culinary fashion--the baked good equivalent of Lady Gaga's headgear obsession: colorful, attention-grabbing, and somewhat creepy, too.

Not only would this cookie-dough stuffed yellow cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream be devilishly delicious, but it's easy to make too. The recipe calls for doctored-cake mix!

Mmmm, mummies. Remind me to be embalmed and wrapped in muslin for all enternity if it means I turn into a pumpkin cinnamon chocolate chip cupcake topped with brown sugar buttercream!

Look at that spider, all greedy like, taunting me with his beady...eye? Proclaiming that this dulce de leche pumpkin cupcake is his, all hisssssssssss!! Oh, hey, spider, you're plastic, gimmie a break!!

I can think of nothing scarier than gaining a few unwanted pounds this holiday season, so I should balance all these wheat-heavy cuppies with these brown and orange swirled Gluten-free ones. Low-carb + tasty cupcakes = me devouring a dozen in one sitting:
Photo via Wasabimon

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jada said...

Love these!! Happy Halloween!!

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