Friday, July 19, 2013

Greek Honeymoon Part IV: Hotels

Like Amy Sedaris, as a child Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the candy (which was awesome) or because I got to dress up (which was even MORE awesome), but because I was fascinated with getting a peek into strangers' homes. I was curious to see what their furniture looked like and if they kept the lights on in the hallway or not (I just think it's weird to keep your house dark when you're in it!). Naturally, this curiosity wasn't limited to only homes--I'm always excited to see the interiors of hotels, especially when they're marketed as "luxury." So, I had to figure the rest of you are exactly like me and would feel gipped if I didn't share one last peek into our Greecian honeymoon of our hotel rooms. Here ya go, creeper!!

In Athens, we stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. As soon as we entered the lobby, it smelled sweet and fresh, and made me wish I knew more about how to describe scents. We had a suite which was just the perfect amount of room for two nights before the big show in Santorini.
 Living area with a view of the Parliament building
 View of the sleeping area from the living room
 The bathroom--so much marble!!!
 I can totally get down with a TV in the wall of the bathroom.
We stayed in two hotels in Santorini--the Mystique and Vedema Resort. The Mystique was about half the size (26 rooms) and in Oia, the northern part of the island with sweeping sea views. And also my favorite.
 The hotel restaurant and pool from the lounge view
 The rooms were simple and white, mirroring the feel of the architecture outside
 We're basically gonna tell every hotel we ever go to again that it's our honeymoon--it's the best way to guarantee a complimentary bottle of champagne in your hotel room!
 I need this mirror frame in our apartment and I need it now.
 The shower was basically 4 feet deep--good luck not drowning.
 So even though the rooms were simple and bare, the touches they did have were
really well executed, like this branch lamp. 
 Beautiful lighting at night in the restaurant.
 I didn't get as many pictures of the second resort, but I did love the look of their restaurant:
 And here was our backyard--complete with our own pool and jacuzzi. And Kyle soaking in the view.

Thanks for reliving my honeymoon with me. Even if it was a complete invasion of privacy. I'll be back next week with our regularly scheduling programming.


Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Did you go in the pool and did you go under water? I know you don't do that but I have to ask.

Gayla said...

To follow up on Jenna's question, did you have a float and fruity drinks?

Looks like every moment was fantastic! Thanks for a peek behind the honeymoon curtain!

luvavocado said...

My fiance and I have been thinking about Greece for our honeymoon, too! I really love reading about your experiences, my mouth waters pretty much every time I see one of your Greece posts. One question about the hotels: the private pool and jacuzzi you had were at the second hotel in Santorini? What was the pool situation like at the first Santorini hotel (Mystique)? Now that you are seasoned honeymooners, do you have any other suggestions for where to stay?

thenerdykatie said...

God that's all so beautiful!

You room in Athens is the complete opposite of the room I stayed in, mine looked like something that you kicked meth addicts out of the door way in 70's era Time Square.

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I love the private pool! So nice.

Cynthia said...

Looks like you and Kyle had a fantastic honeymoon! Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes peek :)

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