Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DC Blogger Champagne Brunch Recap

Who's been to an unlimited champagne brunch? Chances are, if you're a female of legal drinking age in an even half-way civilized town, you've been more times that you can remember (thanks to the blackout that inevitably followed). So when Megan told me and Whitney that she'd be coming up from Charlottesville for the weekend, we did what any BBFs would do--we got fancy and "well-hydrated" at the all-you-can-drink champagne brunch at Chadwick's in Georgetown.
{Megan, Me, and Whitney}
{Thanks for the pics, Megan!}

I ordered a paleo-friendly meal of a ham, onion, and cheese omelet, but then I realized I was getting jammer-timed off mimosas and threw all dietary caution to the wind and stuffed the potatoes into my mouth.
In addition to Whitney and Megan, we were joined by the likes of fellow DC blogger and sometimes member of our weekly Bachelor viewing party, Erica...
...and Jackie, who was visiting from New York, but she got to be part of the DC crew for a morning of debauchery.
Shortly after this picture, I stumbled my way to H&M, where I'm still questioning how security didn't throw out the inebriated red-head who kept picking up clothes, carrying them around the store, and then setting them where they didn't belong until her really sweet boyfriend came to take her home, where she immediately passed out.
He also took my jewelry off and laid it on the pretty tray I picked up this weekend in a very neat fashion; completely opposite the hot mess of a girlfriend he put to bed at 6 pm.

What's your favorite brunchtime adult beverage? Can I ever show my face in H&M again??


Unknown said...

Hahahahaha ps how did "brunch" end at 6pm haha, let's just call this happy hour where u ate eggs

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

well obviously I hate this because I wasn't there. But really, I love it and you're all so cute!!!! Love is, putting the other to bed when they're too drunk to do so themselves. Duh

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Sometimes ya gotta indulge off the paleo track.

Lydia Armstrong said...

I'm really jealous. Can we please plan a blogger meet-up???

Last year for my birthday, we went to this amazing drag queen brunch (where my footer pic was taken), and after I got home, I managed to take all my clothes off and parade around naked, fall down and break a pane out of my bedroom window, break a champagne glass in my bathroom (I brought the party home, obvi), and pass out in my underwear on the couch.

whitney said...

and the funny part about all of this is I have NO CLUE what we talked about for the 5 hours we were there.


guess that means we had fun.

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

Taylor said it --it was just happy hour with eggs. Too many hours and too much champagne. I can't even look at that first picture. But we had so much fun! How cute are we? Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold on, I think we're soul mates. I drunkenly shop, well, every time I've had a little too much, and/or every time I'm about to pass out. AND i have a sweet boyfriend. AND I LOVE CHAMPAGNE! Can I come next time? :)


Erica said...

HOW did you make it to H&M? i applaud you. that is very impressive. i don't really remember the ride home. tyler said whitney and i were talking nonsense, which i believe to be true. i passed out as soon as i got home.

p.s. sorry i missed bachelor viewing party this week! unexpected visit from the parental units. hope you guys had fun!

jackie said... seriously, getting drunk before noon, talking to awesome blog girls and then stumbling around a city a don't know should be added to my to-do list every weekend.

so nice to meet you, again :)

Stesha said...

hope the blogger meet up was fun!! I know some bloggers in DC that I want to come out and meet!!


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