Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun Find: Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson

Last weekend, I found myself in Barnes & Noble, which is highly unusual considering books are for nerds. I justified my bookstore appearance by buying only books with pictures in them (two cookbooks, "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea", and "The Hunger Games," which I understand doesn't have pictures but was written for people with a 10th grade vocabulary, so I figure it still counts).

So, anyway, I was adding the Bitchin' Kitchen cookbook to my haul when I spotted a table lined with books and a sign proclaiming they were half off. Never one to pass up a good sale, I wandered over to see how else I could flush my hard earned money down the toilet. And then, I spotted it, like a shining beacon of light, guiding me home: Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson.

Perhaps you'll remember having heard about this coffee table book during the trainwreck of an interview Mindy Kaling did with Bill Clinton on the Today show last month. You see, Mindy followed the assignment, which was to recommend books you'd give for Christmas presents, while Bill was under the impression they were sharing "books that make you look like an erudite douchebag." But anyway, this book made her list, and between that, the fact that this book was, well, all previously unseen pictures of Mother Monster, and a WHOPPING 50% off (making it $25), I knew I had to have it. Having spent a couple hours just flipping through page after page of striking photos, I knew it would be this week's Friday Fun Find.
There are lots of pictures of Gaga just being Stephanie and doing boring things like brushing her teeth and working out, which I like a lot.
But then of course, there's also lots of pictures like this where she's doing asinine things like breathing from an oxygen tank in an egg-like "vessel" too, so it's well-balanced in that way.
 Ever wondered what Mother Monster's mother looks like? She's this lady!!!
 I can totally see the resemblance, don't you??
I've heard Gaga mention she's a big fan of Bikram. What I haven't heard her say is that she likes to do it wearing a see-through bra. (P.S. Brace yourself for lots of Gaga T 'n A. I feel closer to her than ever after this book.)
What's the latest fun find you've found??


Unknown said...

What a great find! In other news I'm on #3 of the hunger games series and it's really more like 8th grade let's be honest but for what it is I LOVE it!!

whitney said...

that is a lot of nipple for 9 in the morning.

so i thank you for that.

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Oh pleaaaase... you totally pretend you're just a pretty face. Fine, fine, I'll play along. What were the likes of YOU doing in a BOOK STORE!!!

Lydia Armstrong said...

This is half off at B&N? Hmmm. I may need. Or you can just post every single page.

Meg O. said...

Stars: they're just like us! Hahaha

Looks like a fun read, though!

Dania @ Always Dania said...

what an interesting book! im not a huge lady gaga fan but maybe after looking through this i would change my mind

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