Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Opposite of the Thing That's Supposed to Happen

So, I wanted to kick of the weekend with a quick trip to a favorite store of mine to pick up a couple things for a sales conference I'm attending this week. You see, I had this coupon for half off my purchase and... good GOD, this is boring! Basically, I went to the mall for this one thing, didn't get it, and got something else entirely instead, okay?

What I got actually is exciting: NARS lip crayon in Bolero. 

It's very against type for me. Normally, my lip color of choice is something glossy with lots of shimmer that says "I want to look like a stripper, but only for 2 hours at a time...or until I eat something." Pretty standard. 

Maybe it was the disappointment of my shopping trip or the stale smell of mall people and their soft pretzels, but something about the idea of a matte coral/flamingo pink lip crayon really appealed to me. I simply had to have it, and now, I do.

I tried it out today and decided I have never made a better decision in my life.

{Just when I think i can't possibly get any better looking, I do.} 

Because I wanted the focus to be on my perfectly matte lip, I left my eyes fairly bare (yes, that's bare for me), applying only a light brown shadow to the crease with my finger and a thick, winged swipe of black liquid liner. And, of course, several coats of black mascara. 

I matched my cheeks to my lip, saturating the apples for a flushed effect. And finally, I applied a heavy dose of lip crayon to my exfoliated lip. Word to the wise: lip crayons are very unforgiving. Don't even try to use one if your lips are dry or cracked.

God, I give good face.


Meg O. said...

Good choice with the subtle eye color and winged eyeliner! Love the coral on you. I haven't been able to pull off this color very well - maybe a more pink-y coral would work! Brave, cute pop of color!

Han said...

love love love love so going and buying this!

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