Friday, May 6, 2011

Kate Walsh and I Are Besties

Last night was like any other--I went home, had dinner, stopped for a Skinny Girl margarita with some friends to celebrate May 5th, and, of course, talked to my new best friend Kate Walsh:

{Hey, gal pal}

I was asked by the PR team behind her new fragrance 'Boyfriend' (which I'm giving away here...have you entered the contest yet??) to join a "conference call" with Kate and a couple other bloggers. But I knew the truth. CLEARLY Kate has been to my blog and understands that we are kindred spirits. I mean, red hair, great sense of humor, a shared love of men's-style women's fragrances. The writing is on the wall, people!!

Anyway, Kate and I gabbed about the vacay she just got back from and the trials and tribulations of airport security...LOL, it was hilarzballs USA! But then the PR women started in about "what questions do you have for Kate, blah blah blah" and some other stuff to like, keep the call orderly. Did she NOT pick up on the connection we had made??? 

I made use of my $100,000 journalism degree and asked a couple of questions about the perfume bottle (the mens names etched into the glass are those of her manager, cat, and names they thought sounded cool) and the future of Boyfriend, Inc. (did you know she trademarked it? Yeah, so be careful how you refer to that guy that takes you to dinner and carries heavy things for you when you move-Kate might be hot on your heels!). She told me, yes me and ONLY me, that we can expect a holiday version of Boyfriend this year, among other lotion and body wash products. 

Some other people asked some other things, but I think it was pretty clear that we got on the best. 

I do love this fragrance and I can't wait to get the body lotion to layer underneath. In the meantime, while you may never have the chance to be besties with Kate like yours truly, you can at least have her Boyfriend. (<-- didja see what I did there? Ehhhh???)


Unknown said...

i was waiting for this post!! you are famous and i need your autograph stat!

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky you are friends with her! she seems like such a sweet person


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