Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cupcake Customizer

I got a tip from a friend on Facebook about NYC's Baked by Melissa's (no, not me Melissa) new cupcake customizer. If you're new to cupcake obsessions, Baked by Melissa's competitive differentiation is that they're bite-sized.  Not only are the bite-sized; they're filled too!

Baked by Melissa's sizing reference

I've never had one myself, but if they look half as good to eat as they are cute, I'm sure it'd be worth the 300-cupcake-minimum order required to get your own customized creation.

Of course, I picked a pink cupcake with lavendar frosting, rainbow sprinkles and a fluff filling:


Unknown said...

Am I the friend that tipped you off on Facebook? If so, I'm so excited for my cameo on this blog :) The cupcake customizer is pretty fun.

Dana said...

I love baked by melissa! That cupcake customizer is awesome.

Check out my post on some of my favorite sweet spots in NYC (included BYM)!


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