Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Johnny Cupcakes Meets Georgetown Cupcake: Hipsters, Prepsters Have Apathetic-off

Johnny Cupcakes is to hipsters as Georgetown Cupcake is to prepsters. Two demographics, one mission. One vegan, one that doesn't need to know how to spell vegan because "daddy will pay someway to do it for me."

Based out of Boston, Johnny Cupcakes is probably the only place you'll find bakery cases, oven mits, and aprons and nary a morsel of food in sight, explaining why those hipster kids are so damn skinny.

Even toddlers can get in on the action

Yes, Johnny Cupcakes is his real name (FACT: I do not know his real name). He's basically the pioneer among cupcake-paraphernalia designed by dudes. And by "pioneer", I mean, the only one. Johnny got his start like any self-respecting hipster: selling t-shirts out of his suitcase as a band roadie.What started as a part-time gig in a silk screen shop with a few tired nicknames has turned into a multi-million dollar retail brand.Why couldn't MY name be Johnny?!?!?!

So, here we are, a decade since his first Cupcakes and Cross-bone t-shirt and where has it gotten anyone?! Oh, right, three locations, millions of dollars, and a legion of cupcake-wearing fans, both hipster and prepster alike. That, and a Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour. As an homage to his humble beginnings, Johnny is touring this great land to do what he does best: sell t-shirts to hipsters.

This Friday May 7th, DC-area hipsters and cupcake fans alike--or worst, the toxic hybrid of the two!--can brush up against (or at least, adjacent-to) greatness and see Johnny at Georgetown Cupcakes original Georgetown location. He'll be there at 8 PM. So will I. So will these people.*Rolls eyes*

Oh, and since he's been on "tour", he's been making rad videos, like this one featuring the cupcake cannon, which may or  may not make an appearance on Friday. One thing hipsters and prepsters can agree on? Icing can be a real bitch to get out of your headband:

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Youre a fucking idiot.

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