Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Read it Here First: Curbside Cupcakes

Well, my plans to bring the mobile cupcake phenomenon to DC first have been foiled by the cleverly named Curbside Cupcakes.

I'll be interviewing owner Kristi Cunningham soon, as well as checking if my phone has been tapped, but I wanted to make sure you read it on CupcakesOMG! first.

Like I said, no one can tell me anything about cupcakes first.*

*Okay, so that's actually only kind of accurate because, in fact, my friend Anna sent me the Facebook fan page. (I owe you a cupcake, Anna!) I'm not sure how she found it, but if you see a blond ponytail running the opposite direction of a cupcake truck with slashed tires, just know that she's keeping an eye out for my competish, okay?!!?**

**Please note: tire slashing is neither encouraged by CupcakesOMG! nor legal in the United States. Please cupcake responsibly.

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