Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mad Men Cupcake

Are you watching Mad Men? Well, are you???
In case you've been living under a rock, trapped under an anvil, lodged between the crevasses of an underwater cave (yes, I watched Planet Earth: Caves this weekend, why do you ask?), then you've probably heard of this critically-acclaimed show on AMC. Kyle says it's produced by the same people who did The Sopranos, which I guess means something. I dunno.
Thanks to a new Netflix membership, I've been able to catch up on the first couple seasons just in time to start the third season, which started a couple weeks ago. To be honest, you don't even have to do that. The premise is as follows:
-Don Draper is an ad man in 1960s New York. He is also hot.
-Everyone drinks and smokes ad naseum. EVERYONE, including the pregger ones.
-Women are sexually harrassed in the workplace and use it to get ahead.
-Also, Don Draper is super hot.
So now that you're pretty much up-to-speed, that brings me to today's cupcake:

This is a white cupcake with vanilla icing, sprinkled with cigatette ashes.

JK y'all! Those are cookie crumbs, but doesn't it really look like ashes?

This cupcake is perfect for my cameo appearance on the show! Picture it:

I walk in the ad agency, I'm wearing something gorgeous, obvi, maybe with a gloves (I'm trying to make gloves happen).

I play the part of the savvy cupcake shop owner--maybe bakery owner, it just depends on the needs of the story, really--and I'm expanding my empire, but I need ads!! Oh, I so desperately need ads!

So, in order to make Don Draper truly understand my passion, I invite him to the 5-star hotel they've shacked me up in.

You see, they've flown me out from the west, Idaho or maybe even California, in hopes of hopping onto my ever-growing coattails by luring me with fancy hotels and Don Draper. And it's working. But first, he must taste one of my concoctions.

As I set my beautiful cupcake before him, he so clumsily drops his ciggy onto my pristine minicake (I make him nervous, you understand). Without missing a beat though, he takes a bite out of it and says, "I love you, Coco." Because of course, my name is Coco.

And then we frolick off into the sunset and live happily ever after. The end.

Set your DVRs!! I see this happening and soon. SOON I TELL YOU!!!

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heather said...

you know a show is effective when you lust for a man who lies about who he is, compulsively cheats on his wife, and will likely die of lung cancer at a young age. Also, please make gloves happen. I fully support your effort.

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