Thursday, August 6, 2009

Puffy Cupcakes

I'm totally having cupcake envy right now:
I don't know who this Coco woman is, but I don't like her.
Why, you ask? How could I possibly not like someone I don't know, you say?
Do you see these you see how high they are over their liner? This woman has clearly mastered the fine art of creating a domed cupcake, something I continue to suffer sleepless nights over. (This addiction, it's serious, no?)
Is it your baking soda? Are you filling the liners to the top?? Are you using an ancient form of voodoo reserved only for professional bakers who attend a special mid-summer night's seminar??!? TELL ME YOUR MAGIC WITCHERY SECRETS VOODOO WOMAN!!!!
She does pretty cool stuff with cakes too, if you're into that kind of thing. My personal favorite though was her 7-11 themed wedding.
But that doesn't excuse her from her witchy ways, okay!?!


marf said...

I enjoy your blog immensely; in fact, ask my daughter (Hannah Rowley) how cranky I get if she doesn't forward your daily cupcakes to me. Hannah asked if I would like to be put on your list directly, but I do enjoy sharing my drool, er, comments with her each day. I love the cupcakes, and I love your comments. keep 'em comin'! Martha Rowley

CupcakesOMG! said...

Thanks Martha!! So glad you're enjoying the bounty of cupcake-ness coming your way! Keep up the!

Coco Cake Land said...

melissa!! it's me, the witchy woman!! i just found your blog through a link labyrinth and was amazed to see my pic!
i gotta tell ya, sometimes my cupcakes deflate too! it all depends on what recipe i am using, and the fine art of mixing. i never overmix, but i mix enough so air bubbles are created. too much baking soda or baking powder will make your cupcakes puff up nicely then "pop"! but nothing some beautiful buttercream can't fix.
for those minis in the picture, i filled the liner up using a mini scoop, which gives nice proportions. i always use a scoop to make things even.
yet STILL i get deflaters sometimes!!! haha...
best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes are so deliciously delightful wish I had one right now!

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