Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Daily Cupcake-Cherry Coke Cupcake

Cherry coke chocolate cupcake baked with a cherry inside,
topped with cherry buttercream, a dollop of vanilla
buttercream, and a maraschino cherry
Hello. Funny meeting you here.
Actually, I'm glad you stopped by. See, because we do/don't work together, you may/may not know how much i love/eat cupcakes. In fact, dear friend/relative/coworker/acquaintance/perfect stranger, I love cupcakes so much, I'm currently the editor of my own cupcake listserv.

I send out a picture of a cupcake with its description every day to a very lucky listserv of friends/relatives/coworkers/acquaintances/perfect strangers. 

Now, while I do love sending out my Daily Cupcake e-mail each day, it's become a bit of chore typing in every e-mail in the "to" box, not to mention there are so many more people in the world who may never have the opportunity to salivate over my literary genius! It's GENIUS I tell you!!

So's the blog for all of you and your friends/relatives/coworkers/acquaintances/perfect strangers to visit and feel included. So, I re-ree ho--enjakljvcoiafnkwl.
Sorry, I was eating. Anyway, welcome and enjoy!


Anna said...

I love your BLOG!!!

kathrine said...

Hi Melissa, check out our blog, my husband paints a new cupcake painting each day!

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