Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom Fit Meals Review and Promo Code

As a Paleo practitioner for three-ish years, I've come across countless rounds of people who have told me they were going to give the Paleo lifestyle a try, only to throw in the towel a few days in because they couldn't keep up in the kitchen. And also because, like Lindsay Lohan, they just couldn't turn down an opportunity to get white girl drunk. Either way, they probably would have been a lot more likely to stick with their newfound healthy lifestyle if they had a live-in chef...or maybe just Custom Fit Meals.

Custom Fit Meals is a meal-order delivery service specializing in Paleo, Primal, and otherwise "clean" eating ready-to-eat meals. I've told you about another similar meal-order business before here, but this one is a bit different because you actually get to choose the meals you want as opposed to just getting whatever is provided from a pre-determined menu. Not only that, but they only use grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, pastured pork, and organic local produce! PLUS, they have breakfast!! I'm sure a lot of you are all like "breakfast is the easiest to take care of, lazy!" but SCREW YOU! I wanted to be able to order my breakfast just as I would my lunch or dinner, and with CFM I can, so suck it!

But none of that matters if the food isn't good, so I took one for the team and tried a few dishes for you. I've created a completely arbitrary rating system for basically no other purpose than to use my face as scale, so make of it what you will! 

First up, breakfast. 

This is Bacon, Eggs, and sweet muffins:
I'll say this--their presentation isn't necessarily gorgeous, but they do what they can I guess. Presentation aside though, this was DELICIOUS! The sweet muffins were more like sausage cups filled with sweet potato mash, which was great, just not what I expected. The eggs were fluffy and not the least bit overcooked or rubbery, which I was initially worried about. And even though they were covered in bell peppers (one of the only foods I truly hate), I still thought this was an excellent breakfast.
RATING: (out of 5 Melissa faces)

The Breakfast Bowl

Another breakfast, this time, plated on a dish which made for a much prettier meal:
Again, every bite of this was fantastic--the eggs perfectly cooked, the sausage excellently seasoned and a delicious gravy, which there sadly wasn't enough of IMO since it pretty much got absorbed by the sausage after I microwaved it. The thing that really impressed me about this (and every other meal I ate) was how well seasoned, without being salty, everything was. 


Sweet Potato Pancakes
Y'all, I was enjoying my meals so much that sometimes, I just forgot to take pictures with my good camera, so you'll have to settle for a few iPhone pics here. This was the breakfast I was looking forward to the most (Sweet Potato Pancakes?!?!?), but it was not at all what I was expecting. Maybe they mislabeled my meal, but the only sweet potatoes were in mash form, dotted with raisins. Delicious, yes, but pancakes? No.


Let's turn our attention to the lunches/dinners.

Chicken Pot Pie
I was highly skeptical of this before taking a bite. The chicken I was used to from the other meal delivery service was usually really dry, so I was expecting the same experience. I was happily surprised from bite one when the chicken was tender and moist and well seasoned throughout. Plus, the cinnamon sweet potato topping was a delicious accompaniment to the savory chicken filling! Winner, winner, chicken pot pie dinner!


Mango Chicken Salad On-the-Go
This was one of my favorites of the whole week! The chicken was perfectly cooked again, but the fruity and slightly sweet dressing on the salad was exactly what I was in the mood for that day for lunch. Plus, the fact that it's served chilled makes it easy to eat on-the-go. (Can you believe I only just now figured out that reference in the name...??)


Spaghetti Bolognese
I'm not a big spaghetti squash fan in general, which is why this is one of my all-time favorite recipes. But I do love a good bolognese and was eager to see how CFM's would be. Not even the spaghetti squash could slow me down eating this. Another perfectly seasoned dish and hearty portion to boot! Generally, I finish a meal with several good bites left and hand it to Kyle to eat my "trash," but there was nary a morsel left when I was finished, it was that good.


Buffalo Chicken Salad On-the-Go
Another iPhone shot of my half-eaten meal, another cold lunch. This time, it was a buffalo chicken salad served over a carrot and jicama slaw. The spicy/sweet combination was delish. I was also impressed with how well the slaw held up--it wasn't watery at all!

RATING:  and a half

This was by far the tastiest meal-order system I've ever tried, and given the--what I think is reasonable price because I shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods--price ($100 for 10 meals), it's a total no-brainer! The only thing you have to worry about is whether they deliver to your 'hood, which you can check here (make sure you're not using Google Chrome. I know...the one downside of the whole thing).

When I randomly met their VP of sales Scott in my apartment building, I immediately told him I had a blog with legions of fans (so I may have embellished...) and told him that if he wanted to give me some meals I'd try them and review them for all of you. He was generous enough to oblige and y'all get to be on the receiving end of my good fortune, because not only were ALL the meals entirely delicious--literally don't have a single complaint about any of the meals that I tried--he has also graciously extended a 10% discount on everyone's first week of orders! Use the code "CupcakesOMG" at check out. Then come back here and tell me what you ordered!!


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

This is so cool. I'm so glad there are services like this out there!

Annalilly said...

My husband and I are almost done with our Whole 30 experiment - which is similar to Paleo. It hasn't been as hard as we though it would be, but it does require a lot of planning. A service like this probably would have helped on the days we just didn't want to cook (not good on this type of meal plan). The plan is to continue whole 30/paleo on the weekdays and be a little more open on the weekends. (Wine)

Gayla said...

These all look delicious, and I would actually eat all of them...that is very high praise coming from me. Also, can I just say how much I LOVE your new rating system! Brilliant! I think when you have kids, you should print these on stickers and slap one on your kid's foreheads when they do something that pleases you!

Meg O. said...

LOL at your mom's comment about the stickers. I was also going to comment on your new rating system and how much I love it. Haha!! I definitely think a service like this would come in handy when I have a super busy week and don't have much time for meal prep but still want to stay on track. Those look really yummy and it's good to hear that they were the tastiest you've tried!

christin said...

i'd like this forever. i cannot be bothered to cook at all lately. i'm a lazy bitch.

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