Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just a Couple Questions I Have...

I mustache you a question.
  • How come it's SO hard to figure out how to unsubscribe from Barefoot Contessa's email?
  • What's the easiest way to get my last name changed?
  • How come they didn't use all of the scratch 'n sniff smells for the Honey Boo Boo premier last week? Or did I just do it wrong??
  • Why are all the good cast members leaving SNL? Except these two. And this one. And this one too.  
  • Who decided the world needed ANOTHER season of Breaking Amish? And in LA no less?
  • Where in the world is Lady Gaga?
  • Who even cares about the royal baby, now that we know it's a boring boy??
  • Am I the only person who hates working out in shorts? Like, what are you supposed to wear with them?
  • Has Lifetime renewed Pretty Wicked Moms, AKA, my new favorite show, yet?!?!
  • Why am I only now hearing about this???
  • How is Amanda Bynes doing?
  • How many weeks after you get a wedding present is too long to send a Thank You note? Like, never, right?
  • Will my allergy shots ever take effect??
  • Is Jenna supposed to get a gift for James since he proposed to her?? (No, right?)
  • How many people do you think I can offend today? Tomorrow? This week??
  • When does Breaking Bad come back?
  • Why?? WHY!?!?!?!??
  • Is butter a carb?
  • What question do you have???


Laura Humphrey said...

this isnt really a question, more like a fact.

I bought the dress from ASOS you wore last weekend. FACT. We will wear them at the same time one evening. Because we are gorgeous dawwwling!!

Oh and I hear Amanda Bynes almost burned her dog!? What a tiny psycho.

Michelle | Letters from Boston said...

6) Broke her hip! I know, I miss her too.
11) Last I heard she was involuntarily committed because her leg caught on fire . . . or something?? I skimmed the article, obviously.

Gayla said...

Wow! You have posed some really good questions. When you find out, let me know. I can help you with two of them.
You are allowed by Emily Post and Miss Manners one full year after the wedding to send thank you notes. Dear Abby says it is never too late to express gratitude, but sooner is always better, but late is better than never. And secondly, mark Sunday, August 11 on your calendar as the return of the final season of Breaking Bad.

Kerri @ Holly Muffin said...

"Who even cares about the royal baby, now that we know it's a boring boy??"-- Totally agree. Also, Amanda Bynes is doing terrible and I really miss Breaking Bad, too.

Cara said...

A better question is "have you started watching "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix? If not, I suggest you do. It is INSANE and if you want another great show (since there is NOTHING on right now), this is the one.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, but I'm already a fan! I can answer some of these questions.

Amanda Bynes is still in her 5150 hold. Her parents are planning to do a conservatorship, like Britney.

Lady Gaga is still in NY, from what I hear. She's recovered from her surgery.

I'm super excited about Prince George!

When I got married, I put off changing my name until I went to the Social Security office almost a year in and changed the name on my social security card. It only took ten minutes to change. You have to show your birth certificate and marriage license, but they change it and then you can change it on your ID.

Butter is not a carb. I think it counts as dairy, which is probably why I can't have it. (lactose intolerant)

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

HA I made the question list. This should be a weekly feature.

I got him a card, so we're good.

Unknown said...

Why would you work out in shorts when you could wear a skirt?!

tiffan-EYE said...

I will address the two most important to me:

1) Breaking Bad makes its triumphant return August 11 (aka NOT SOON ENOUGH)

2) Amanda Bynes indeed narrowly avoided torching her dog and is slated for a psych evaluation, so naturally I am praying her rap album is released before they give her her crazy certificate. PLEASE let her rap. PUH-leeeeease.

Sarah said...

I am not of much help but I do Breaking Bad comes soon, like really soon!

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

Regarding your allergy shots, I thought you were already up to at least a full puppy injection by now!

MyCraftAffair said...

OMG! I love your blog. Found it just the other day and have already made 3 things from it haha. I'm following your blog right now and I would love it if you would check out my little blog too! I'm at

Amanda Arlis said...

As long as you have a copy of your marriage license, Step 1 to changing your name is Social Security Administration office. Step 2 is DMV. Note that Step 1 doesn't have to come before step 2.
I used They have a free one with a bunch of the forms you need so you can fill it out before you go and tells you how to do your passport and stuff. There is also
The hardest part is at work! Had to change with HR, then with like 3 different IT groups (one for email, one for system access, etc), then my ID badge, and so on. It's been 3 months and I'm still trying to change my name.
By far the hardest part is introducing yourself with a new name after having the same one for almost 30 years. So weird!

Annalilly said...

Thanks pal, for pointedly reminding me of all of the TV I'm missing since we dumped cable. Boo.

The easiest way to get your last name changed is to start with your drivers license. It all flows down from there. I think I read that Tuesdays are the least busy day of the week for most DMVs.

You have a year to send a thank you notes, or you could just forget to send some all together and be racked with guilt for years afterward. (I might have done that.)

I nearly died over that hedgehog business.

DNA (designers+artists) said...

All very valid questions. I can only answer one; Yes, I believe butter is a carb. At least that's what I tell myself.

Lydia Armstrong said...

HAHA! Very important questions. Yes, I was in your hood!!! Ugh I totally meant to contact you too, but when I arrived in DC and got off the Megabus, I was already hammered due to the road vodka that I packed, and I didn't really sober up until Monday so I totally forgot. And then I was really sad. And hungover.

Unknown said...

I am thinking the same thing about snl, what happened to it!?

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