Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greek Honeymoon Part III: Outfits (and People)

You're not a straight woman or a very, very fabulous and effeminate man (i.e., my new best friend) if the idea of vacationing in Greece doesn't immediately conjure up images of Amanda Seyfried traipsing along the Grecian coast in her flowy white dresses, golden tan, and wavy hair from the cinematic glory of Mamma Mia! So, of course, I curated an entire collection of outfits I would wear for our honeymoon that would both keep me cool in the Greek sun, but also make me LOOK cool in the Greek sun. See what I did there?? Huh??

For today's installment of "You Basically Went on Our Honeymoon With Us," I bring you some of my Grecian outfits (and some of the people we met and saw too).
I started off our trip in a Santorini blue-inspired cami.  
 {Cami: Tibi; Shorts: J.Crew; Necklace: SHY by Sydney Evan;
Bag: South Moon Under; Sandals: Sam Edelman}
 Kyle also went for blue, in stripe form!
I'm not a big believe in fashion "DON'Ts" (other than DON'T look awful), but these women wearing heels to do their sightseeing around the Parthenon are just ridiculous. So much so that I had to take a picture of it. I mean, I love heels, but seriously, it's like an 8 mile hike to get to Acropolis from city center...just don't.
 I bought my first crop top ever for this trip thanks to some newfound confidence from
my pre-wedding diet. The fact that I probably put on 10 pounds by the midpoint of our trip
didn't even deter me from squeezing into the skirt I got to go with it!
 {Top: South Moon Under; Skirt: South Moon Under--similar; Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry}
Kyle and I saw a million people get pictures with this donkey statue so we figured we were supposed to, too.

The hi-lo hem on my skirt was perfect for our trip to the Kissing Fish--a combination of an aquarium and a nail salon. Teethless fish nibble on the dead skin of your feet to leave them soft and smooth. You can get 20 minutes for about 15 Euro, and it's money well spent!
 There's that door to nowhere again!
 On our last night in Santorini, I sported a new dress I bought there on the island. I loved it because it was airy and a soft pink color and made by a Greek designer, but it basically looked like a muumuu in all the pictures we took, so you'll just have to settle for this picture from the waist up.
While we were watching the sunset, I saw this couple and couldn't help but play paparazzi -I really love this picture.
On July 4th, we headed to dinner after some wine tasting at our hotel, where we met another newlywed couple on their honeymoon--the wife was Irish and the husband was British.
 {Jumpsuit: Zara--similar}

We ran into them again at the restaurant we went to for dinner and ended up pushing our tables together and drinking the night away! They even sang some of the National Anthem with us to. Pretty, pretty cool. 
They were supposed to friend us on Facebook but they STILL haven't, so if anyone knows these people, please tell them I'm waiting!!
And finally, Angelina Jolie's autograph. Because she stayed out our hotel, that's why!

Come back tomorrow for the last installment of our Greek honeymoon and a tour of the hotels we stayed in!


Gayla said...

You looked gorgeous in every outfit...but, I'm not surprised since you curated your entire honeymoon wardrobe!

Loving that your blog is once again part of my morning reading list!❤

Cara said...

You should do an eye makeup tutorial soon. I LOVE your makeup in all of these pictures.

Meg O. said...

Gah I just have loved these honeymoon pics! You look amazing in all of your fun outfits. I need Santorini in my life!!!

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