Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greece Honeymoon Part II: Views and Scenery

In keeping with this week's theme of "when you have a blog, nothing is private...even your honeymoon," we move on to perhaps what Sanotorini is best known for: incredible views and architecture built in effing cliffs, man!

We started our honeymoon in Athens for a couple days and that's about all you need. At least, if you want to see the typical tourist sites. Which is exactly what we did.

Stadium at Acropolis 
 Kyle on the steps leading into the Parthenon
The Parthenon is apparently constantly under construction?
Oh, and also, you can't walk around it. Ya know, cus of all the construction.
After a couple days in Athens, we finally made our way to Santorini, where the wine flows like beer and you can get drunk off the views.
 The view of the hotel pool...
 ...from my sea view lounge chair.
The blue topped buildings that Santorini is so famous for are actually Greek Orthodox churches! Maybe you knew that, but it was news to me.
 They never got old.
 Santorini also had lots of random doors and windows that led to nowhere. For example:
Why is this door here?
And what about this window in this wall that looks like it's crumbling?
 And this door...
It's like they're here to say "who cares what's behind that door/window? You're in don't need to BE anywhere else."
I'm pretty sure this man lives here. Like, in the primest real estate on the island. And I took this on midday on like, a Wednesday. How does he do it??
That little stone structure at the top of the cliff is all that remains of a castle once built there--it's located at the highest point in town and provides some incredible views.
Right at the top of the castle was a nook hanging over the cliffs. Apparently the dog who climbed onto it isn't scared of heights. He was just nappin'!

 We were located at the top of the cliffs, but if you want, there was a huge staircase with literally hundreds of steps that led all the way to the bottom to the pier.
 Kyle and I climbed down and back up these things two different mornings for a workout.
I took like, 4 breaks during the walk back up. Ain't no shame in my game.
 I saw this gal wandering to dinner and was obsessed with her outfit. I need that skirt!
So, there are lots of dogs and cats that roam the island. Apparently, this is totally normal. Some are strays, but many have collars and none of them look sick, misbehave, or beg for food. The shop owners provide bowls of food and water for them, so they're basically just hanging out. Kyle liked this guy in particular. 
 I mean, whatever, I guess he's kinda cute.
 Santorini at night might actually be more gorgeous than during the day.
If you're lazy and don't want to walk up all those stairs like Kyle and I did, then you can ride a donkey up. People love this shit apparently. I'm allergic to dogs, cats, horses, and, I can only assume, donkeys, so we didn't do this
On one of our last nights in Oia, we headed to a restaurant called Kastro's to watch the sunset, which is like, a thing people do there. Like, people clap and shit when it's over.
 I think you can see why.
 We headed back to Athens for our very last day and had a beautiful nighttime view of the Parthenon over dinner. I think we even cried a little that we had to leave.

Come back tomorrow for Part III to see pictures of outfits Kyle and I wore!!


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I love Greece. Never been. I'm up for anything where cute dogs just roam around.

P!nky said...

Your pictures are so amazing! I must visit Santorini now!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Totally amazing. I went to Athens once and visited a nearby island... some of the most beautiful photography I've ever taken if only because the sites are just THAT perfect. Your sunset pictures all need to be framed and hung over my bed.

christin said...

i need a honeymoon or a vacation or something...asap.

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Wow, these pictures are stunning! If Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 didn't already really make me want to go to Greece, I definitely do now. Ha.

Raquel said...

I've always wanted to go to Greece. Seriously all these pictures are breathtaking!

Cara said...

These pictures are gorgeous. Was it a good spot for a honeymoon? Did you guys feel like there was enough to see and do? I'm dying to go to Greece.

Julie / Bound said...

Ok, these are insane. I don't think I've ever seen pictures of Santorini at night! Ridiculous.

Bre said...

So awesome looking at your pics and knowing that I was just there and basically have most of the same pictures. Can I just repost your blog? It's too much work. LOL! I thought the same thing about the random doors, the feta, and all the animals roaming the streets. We stayed about 10 minutes from Oia, but our sunset views were amazing as well and we spent about a half a day there taking pics, eating and shopping. So glad you had an amazing honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna live vicariously through your photos until I get to go to Greece, I've always wanted to go there! These pictures are beautiful!!!

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