Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HIWWI: Motel Faux Fur Jacket

Hi friends, and members of the Cupcult! Y'all are totally diggin' the CupcakesOMG! fan name, btw, so thanks for that.

Anyway, you might remember a time when I did HIWWI posts (that's "How I Would Wear It" for you newer Cupcult followers). I did them every week for a while, and then one day, with nary an explanation nor excuse, I just up and stopped doing it. And ya know what? It's as much a mystery why to me, as it is you. I always swore that I would only do HIWWI on pieces I would legit wear, that like, inspired me and stuff. So, I guess I wasn't really feeling particularly moved by anything recently. What I'm saying is, I pretty much end up buying whatever HIWWI piece I feature, and my bank account wasn't feeling, shall we say, "inspired" to fund the creative process, naw'm sayin'?

But the other day, as I allowed my brain cells to die a slow and painful death was perusing some of my Pinterest pins, I ran across this Motel Faux Fur jacket and an all mint outfit, and just like that, my need to tell you HIWWI was reinvigorated.

There's some kind of unspoken CupcakesOMG! rule that every post must feature at least one Lady Gaga reference, so here it is: Like Lady Gaga, I too believe that mint is going to be very big this spring. I mean, mint is refreshing and sweet, but not saccharine. It's grown up, but playful. It's delicious covered in chocolate. I don't think that has anything to do with anything, but I mean, IT'S TRUE!! And while this faux fur jacket is more teal than it is mint, I love the contrast of the richer jewel tone against a sheer and flowy mint top like this one:
{Nasty Gal, $48}

This top says "I'm sweet, but I will also cut you if you piss me off. Exhibit A? My shirt sleeves."

With volume up top, it's important to keep the proportions on the bottom slim. Cue these skinny leg jeans in an almost identical mint:
{Siwy jeans, $154}

The original inspiration for this look was a woman in a blousy silk mint top that she paired with skinny mint denim and strappy black heels. While I loved the simplicity of the look, we all know I refuse to leave "good enough" alone, which is why I can't wait to add these JC's to my always-growing shoe collection:

Drawing inspiration from the old lady fashion rule of matching your shoes to your handbag, I present you with a simple, lady like tote to complete the outfit:

Oh, and of course there's always a nail color requirement. I like this pink because it won't compete with the rest of the look:

What about you, Cupcult? Will you be sporting mint this spring? Do you think black 5 inch-heeled sandals with gold hardware is "too much" for a daytime look? (Answer: ARE YOU CRAZY???? Of course not!!!)


Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

I absolutely love this color, as you know, it's my favorite. But I wish you did that thing where you put the whole outfit together at the end and then photoshop your face to it. You've never done that but you could start???

Lydia Armstrong said...

Ka-yewt. I want to see you in this outfit for realsies. And Cupcult, I love it.

Meg O. said...

I am not sure how I feel about that jacket but I legit love everything else you paired with it!!

Whim Wham Life said...

I'm pretty sure I NEED those mint jeans:-) xoxo

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

definitely agree that mint will be a big color for spring. already a huge fan! loving that blouse you posted!

love kelly

Unknown said...

i love those mint jeans! and those heels... omg. so amazeeeee!

Celebrity Owned said...

I LOVE those jeans!!!
Check out our blog and do some shopping!
xx Julie xx

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