Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seriously Funny

Generally speaking, I don't get into the topic of "feelings" here, in large part because I'm incapable of having them, but also because, it isn't shouldn't be what you come here for--you should come here for entertainment and entertainment only. If you happen to become happier, prettier, and judgmental-ier because of it, well, that's just icing on the cake (that you should then immediately throw up).

Despite all my efforts to remain closed off and out-of-reach, I have, miraculously, managed to make BBFs (blog best friends).

I mean, there's Megan, who I now think of every time Zooey Deschanel rears her "adorkable" head.

There's Whitney, who is hilarzballs USA and watches The Bachelor with me each week, mostly so we can make color commentary on the trainwreck ABC molests our eyes and girlish sensibilities with.

And then, there's Jenna, who holds a special place in my major blood-pumping artery. Jenna was the first true blog friend I made, and it's blossomed into something that I'm pretty sure only movies starring Sandra Bullock can explain. I mean, after all, we cook alike, we talk alike, at times we even walk alike--we're basically the Cathy and Patty Duke of the blogging world. I'd like to think that, if I hadn't ruined my parents on the idea of reproducing, perhaps I would have a little sister just like Jenna. Which is why, when things are just not going her way, I feel inclined to try to make her feel better. Cheer her up, ya know? So, in that spirit, I did what any self-proclaimed pseudo-big-sister with a public forum would do: rounded up a collection of internet crap that will cheer her (and you) up!

Natalie Dee

Anything Tiny Fey Says

This Lady

Joey Wearing All of Chandler's Clothes

A Collection of Some ECards

Anything Jean-Ralphio

The Entire Flight of the Conchords Collection

Kristen Bell Freaking Out Over a Sloth

My Drunk Kitchen

If you're still with me, did you pee your pants from all the hilarity yet?? Where do you troll the internet for a surefire pick-me-up and epic lolz??? Leave 'em for Jenna in the comments.



whitney said...

so i thank you for these.

you forgot our girl jenna marbles.

i bet you could find TONS of tons videos to post up in herrrrrr

thanks for the shoutout lady.

and btw i haven't watch bach yet. have you?

Laura said...

hahaha my drunk kitchen how is it that I have never seen that? I felt like that was me last Saturday with the cocunut whipped cream and how we ate the whole thing! BTW have you ever seen drunk history? If not here you go.
Love, Laura :)

Dan @ Essentials of Nutrition said...

First, I love the made up word, "judgemental-ier". On a mission to use it today. The Body Pump class my wife is dragging me to tonight is a glaring candidate for it's use.

"The instructor just thinks he's king-s**t. Could he be any more judgemential-ier?"

Secondly, I've never seen anything approaching women watching the bachelor. You know it's trash and unrealistic, but can't stop watching. Like the Kardashians or Russell Brand...

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

Oh you are lovely. Thanks for including me!!!!! I love you all!!!!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

You're the greatest. I know it's not your style so it makes it even more special. Infinite X's and O's

Unknown said...

haha laughing hysterical at my desk!!
Here is one that is more cute funny, but it made me giggle and had to watch it twice! Thoughts go out to you Jenna!

Lydia Armstrong said...

I have never known My Drunk Kitchen existed. My life is now complete. Thank you.

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

I just went back and watched Kristen Bell's breakdown and literally fell even more in love with her. ahahahhaha she's so cute.

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