Friday, September 9, 2011

HIWWI: Stubbs & Wootton Slippers

I don't know what it is with me and flats lately! Maybe my subconscious is aware of some kind of impending bunion or hammertoe development and is willing itself over my fashion choices. Whatever it is, it's irrelevant, because I've recently discovered Stubbs & Wootton. Have I been living under a rock?? Apparently, Stubbs & Wootton pump out hand-made shoes in a variety of styles from Palm Beach, NYC, and South Hampton.

While many of their wares look like an old man's night slippers, best paired with a smoking jacket, they have a bespoke section which allows you to build your own custom pair, choosing everything from the color to the embroidery on the toe. The masterpiece you see above is the pair I dreamed up. They're pink, and velvet, and adorned with seahorses--they should basically be hanging in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa.

Preppy is probably hopefully the last thing that comes to mind for those of you who understand my style, but these slippers inspire me to embrace my inner yuppie, Heather-y bitch. But, of course, I could never abandon my affinity for the excessive, which is why I thought it'd be fun to take the preppy thing up a notch and do it in monochrome!! Yes, head to toe pink, starting with these pants:

{ASOS pants, $47.57}

Yes, I realize they're a different shade of pink. That's all part of the fun...if you don't get it, then take the fun train's next stop to Lame-town!!

Owning an Equipment blouse (or 8) is on my bucket list. They're known for their fabulous construction and fit and they feel like a baby's bottom. I know this not because I know what a baby's bottom feels like, but because I rubbed my face on a shirt in Neiman's once. It wasn't my finest moment, but I don't regret it. I like this berry-colored one.

By now, you already look like a bottle of need to tone it down now. Go balls to the wall with this color-block purse:

Round out your homage to a flamingo with a swipe of bright pink lipstick and go find a dimly lit room to light up!

So, have you heard of Stubbs & Wootton? Would YOU rock an entirely pink look?? Do you think I've gone insane endorsing flats??? Tell me everything in the comments!!

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Unknown said...

i'm crazy for pink lipstick right now! i can't get enough of it! and i want some stubbs & wootton loafers but in navy blue velvet, sigh ;)

xx Cristina

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