Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And We're Off!

Kyle and I are officially off to Ireland! We'll be in Dublin, Galway, and Limerick (where the dirty little poems originated) until next Friday, which means I'll be neglecting CupcakesOMG! a bit, just like I would my children, if I had any. Not to fear, of course, for I have planned ahead and have posts coming up, so make sure to check back throughout next week...

As for us, we'll be:
  • Touring the Jameson whiskey factory (and subsequently getting drunk off of whiskey)
  • Visiting the Cliffs of Moher (anyone know if we need to buy tickets to do this??)
  • Playing Princess in an Irish castle, TBD (I'll be the princess. Kyle can be the prince, I guess)
  • Eating a the only Gordon Ramsey restaurant in the land
  • Aggressively scouring the countryside for a flock of sheep and an old man in a newsboy cap 
  • And of course, drinking a superfluous amount of Guinness
I'd love suggestions for other Must-Sees in the cities we're visiting!! Leave them in the comments!


Unknown said...

Gawd I'm so excited for you that I had to post on ur fbook wall, send u a fbook message and comment on your post. No big, I'll just be here in my house in Houston staring at my dogs/kids/husband.... Just as glamerous! Ps Finns middle name is Jameson- We actually named him after alcohol, and his initials are FU which is also awesome! HAVE FUN!!!!

Kerry said...

So jealous! I can't wait to hear all about it. P.S. I want your life. Take lots of pictures! Yay Jameson!

Fash Boulevard said...

you're so so lucky. I hope you have an amazing trip. can't wait to see all the incredible photos. would love if you check out my new outfit post. xoxo

Lisa said...

I'm going to Ireland next week! We're going for a cousin's wedding, which I'm being very Kate Middleton and have a hat for and everything, but we will also be in Dublin, Galway, and Limerick, so you picked very well! If you can go to Co. Kerry and see the Dingle Peninsula, or just stay the evening in Dingle, it's a great town with a great music based night life. I'm Irish so I have lots of opinions about this! Also try and go to the Guinness factory and tour it, it's a great tour and has the best views of the city while you enjoy your free pint. No there is not a fee to go to the Cliffs of Moher, but you will have to pay the parking fee if you drive there (that is the fee), but it is BREATH-TAKING!! So amazing, but it can be very windy up there so bring a jacket and tie your hair up, maybe a fishtail braid for that day?! You will see lots of sheep, and you will see lots of men in newsboy caps.
Enjoy it, it's a wonderful county and full of fantastic people.

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