Friday, August 12, 2011

HIWWI: Feel the Piece Cashmere Sweater

I'm gonna say something scandalous: I'm ready for fall (cut to me 4 months from now, cursing the 20-degree temperatures and longing for summer...).

Maybe it's because I've exhausted my summer wardrobe options or maybe it's because I'm looking forward to drinking this, wearing this, and going here, but either way you slice it, I'm feeling autumnal. Few things scream "fall weather essential" quite like a cashmere sweater. It's probably because cashmere sweaters are the spoiled only children of fashion, throwing temper tantrums a la Mackenzie of Toddlers & Tiaras fame until they get their damn way! 

This soft pink one from Feel the Piece particularly strikes my fancy since you can wear it backward as well! This week, I have a vested interest in HIWWI, as I will indeed be wearing $121, I thought it foolish to NOT buy this multi-functional sweater in a color that transitions perfectly from summer to winter.

D.C. was built on a swamp, so even though our winters can get pretty brutal, fall can be fairly mild. Instead of pairing this sweater with a predicable pair of leggings or wide-leg trousers, I like the idea of introducing an accordion pleat maxi skirt to the mix in winter's favorite neutral: black.

Okay, let's get serious here people. I'm probably underestimating when I say there are a ZILLION different shoes you could pair with this look (studded loafers, laced-up platforms, short heeled cowboy booties), but in the end, these wooden heeled suede boots won me over. Did you see the gold accent on the heel??? I mean, it was really a no-brainer! 

When I spotted this cocktail ring with the two kissing birds, I knew it was the perfect accent to an early fall look. It suggests a time when things were only beginning, and young birdlings were a mere glimmer in their diseased bird-father's eyes.

I know cashmere-wearers are fond of their pearl studs, but that's simply too preppy for me. Instead, I like to keep the BLATANT fall theme consistent in my jewelry. These "falling leaves" earrings are no exception, and just the right length to complement the sweater (whether you're wearing it forward or backward).

Like any warm-blooded female, part of my anticipation for the change in seasons is attributable to the dead skin cells attached to the tip of my fingers--NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!! Deborah Lippmann has some incredible colors, but this murky eggplant is particularly up my alley.


fall look

So what have ye to say for yeself?? How would you wear this sweater? Are you ready for fall too??


Sunshine - said...

Loving the sweater and the boots! But I am not ready for the fall weather. Sorry...

Unknown said...

I can't explain my yearning for fall. It is by far my favorite season and we are going on day 40something of triple digits here... Kill me now

Ps you find the best rings! I have a bird obsession that stems from my dads nickname for me... If I ever have a daughter her middle name will be bird

Meg O. said...

Love how you put it all together in one image at the end of the post! Looks great!

Taryn said...

I totally know what you mean, fall is the most fun season to dress for! love the look you put together, especially the skirt and boots :)

Tamara said...

Obsessed with that pink cashmere sweater!!!

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