Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Makeover OMG!

Hey party people!

If you check this site with any regularity (which I'm going to GREAT lengths to make happen), you'll notice I've done a little redecorating. Okay, well I haven't done the redecorating...Meg O. has.

In case you missed the last redesign, Meg and I know each other from junior high. Despite the years we were out of touch, we've more than made up for it through our blog-lationship. Yep, new word, made it up just now. Do you love it??? I think it's pretty sexy.

Meg O. just found out she is preggers! You should probably go congratulate her, unless, of course, you're a terrible person, in which case, come sit by me! Between getting knocked up, finishing out the school year (she's a drama teacher), and maintaining her own adorable blog, she's somehow found the time to fancy mine up too. Woman of the year award, anyone?

Anyway, much as I loved the glitter and sparkle of the last design, this one suits my blog's current personality to a T: fierce and ferosh.

So GYORGEOUS readers, how does this redesign make you feel? Happy? Giddy?? Lethargic? Confused? Itchy?? Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets in the comments (which, btw are captcha-free thanks to Meg!).

P.S. I've updated/finally put up my "About" section. If you're new here, it might be a good place to start.


Unknown said...

LOVE this!!!! and so glad not to have the code! It looks clean

Katie said...

I love it, Meg did a great job!

Meg O. said...

I think this is so much more you and that's why I did it. Honestly, it's my pleasure :)

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