Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I Would Wear It: Tulle Tail Dress

Welcome to a new regular segment I'll be doing called "How I Would Wear It." But then, you probably already knew that if you read the title. I spotted this dress on one of my favorite sites Nasty Gal and pretty much shat myself; it's THAT special.

Here's what I love about this dress, in order of importance:
- The illusion long sleeves
- The color
- The asymmetrical hemline
- The fact that it reminds me of a modern-day Glinda, the Good Witch (sans crown and wand)

Don't let anyone ever tell you redheads can't wear pink. Ever.

Anyway, I am officially in lurve with this dress, and although my boobs, stomach, and personality aren't as flat as the model, um, modelling it, I'm pretty sure the dress won't care, for it loves me back. And so, upon it, I must bestow great tidings of joy (i.e., accessories). My inspiration is of course the lovely Glinda, but imagined as if she were a 26-year-old blogger with fewer magical powers and more nail polish.

Like Glinda, let's start with the shoes. I likey the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's they've styled in the picture, but I lovey these Zara buckle wedges even more for a gentler, softer look:

With such a delicate shoe, we're now liberated from the over-accessorized-danger-zone (if you could even believe in such a zone). Because the sleeves are so sheer, and I'm going for a daytime look here, I'd swap an armful of bracelets for a few chunky cocktail rings with colorful stones and quirky details, all on the same hand. I figure these would all be equally excessive and dangerous:

Because I'm taking such a heavy hand (pun INTENDED!) on the rings, I'd go delicate with the necklace, but offset the rounded crew neck of the dress with a longer, lanyard-style pendant. This House of Harlow one is the perfect length and echoes the natural vibe of the stones those rings are giving us:

I never leave my apartment without a carryall of sort, so I think this Stella McCartney citrus clutch adds the perfect amount of sass to an otherwise very sweet look:

{Stella McCartney Cotton Clutch; you betta have some cashmoney, son}

So what have we learned from today's styling session, class? Well, first of all, no matter how demure an outfit might be, you should always start by whorin' it up and ripping out the front. 

Second, don't be afraid to wear multiple cocktail rings on one hand; they can be used as weapons of self-defense if someone every dare swipe your little dog! Er, Stella McCartney citrus clutch. 

Finally, and this is most important, if ever you need style inspiration, look no farther than your own front door, for you've always had the power. You've had it all along!


Anonymous said...

Ahh.. Let's open a store "closet full of cupcakes". We'll just play dress up, bake, decorate and eat cupcakes obv, and let a huge line build outside of envious onlookers.

Jenna, The Paleo Project

p.s. I just went through a ridiculous process of finding my OpenID just to comment on your blog.

Meg O. said...

That's gorgeous!!!

Anna said...

loveyyyy everything about this post!

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