Monday, March 21, 2011

Well, I Just Bought This...

Apparently, I don't own enough cupcake paraphernalia because I found myself inexplicably filling the cupcake-pop-mold VOID in my life by purchasing this mere moments ago:

For only $5.95, the My Little Cupcake cake pop mold will soon be mine. With this mold, recreating Bakerella's viral baked good hit will be a cinch (or at the very least, much easier than crafting little cupcake shapes by hand!).

Seriously, this uni-purpose gadget is absolutely genius in the cupcake world. I can't help but ask myself, yet again, "how come I didn't come up with this?"!!! 

{So easy, even the tiny, insignificant hands of a child can do it}

Still, I'm pretty excited about this thing. But if the cake doesn't pop out of the mold, there will be hell to pay. HELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Meg O. said...

How cute!! You must post your results!

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