Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glee "Original Song" Recap

Because this is my blog and I can basically write about anything I that moves me, I've decided to do my first-ever Glee recap. A Gleecap if you will. Will you?

This episode, entitled "Original Song", was all about Regionals and, well, the original songs they performed. This was the episode that inspired a raucous "ABOUT GODDAMN TIME!" from Glee fans everywhere. And by Glee fans everywhere, I mean me. Frankly, if the show never came back, I'd die a satisfied Gleek. Because, in all honesty, I was starting to get worried about my favorite high-school-misfits-who-are-actually-all-incredibly-talented-and-good-looking musical comedy show. I mean, original songs? It could have been a disaster on par with Ke$ha at the beach. Shudder.

I was beginning to wonder when Ryan Murphy was finally going to quench fans' thirst and allow Kurt to emerge from Blaine's shadow to finally hit the high notes that only he and a select few eunuchs could ever deign reach. "Has the Emmy award winner gone through some terrible form of puberty rendering him talentless and monotone?!" I feared. Well, Kurtophiles, tonight's episode provided the drink we so desperately needed, and indeed, his voice is as feminine, sweet, and refreshing as ever. THANK GOD!!!

Not only did Kurt finally get to share lead vocals with Blaine, he also got to share spit. THAT'S RIGHT LADIES!!! Kurt and Blaine made out and are now...a couple?? At least, that's what it's looking like. But I swear to god, if Blaine breaks Kurt's sweet, tiny, little heart I will hurt him. And I don't just mean by hiding his stash of Dep gel. (Seriously, how has Sue not drawn the overly-shellaced hair comparison between B and Will Schuster...?? Sometimes I wonder if Ryan Murphy is even watching his own show.)

Kurt wasn't the only winner of the night, though. There were several choice moments peppered throughout an episode that finally shed the spotlight on the storyline, instead of the over-hyped guest star (although Kathy Griffin as a tea party politician was fairly epic):

  • I LOVIED Mercedes' original song, known as what I can only guess is "Hell to the No". I will no doubt add that to my iPod and wear.it.out. I also especially lovied Mercedes' Lady Gaga tee. 'Cus baby, she was born this way!
  • Quinn's opening monologue about prom queens (did you know they live 5 years longer than normal people). It's so nice to see her doing a voice-over for once that's not about being preggo.
  • Santana's "Trouty Mouth" song. This could possibly get more action on my playlist than the aforementioned "Hell to the No."
  • The tender moment between Rachel and Finn before hitting the stage. Really, I just wanted to say tender.
  • Lauren Zeisses actually enjoying herself during the regionals performance. Lest you forget, Lauren was a last-minute filler for last year's performance at sectionals and I distinctly remember her saying that Glee club was for losers. It may be just that, but at least she's embracing it!
  • New Directions winning the competition. And thank you for not making it some long, drawn out fight to the finish. They deserved to win, they did, period.
  • And finally, the allusion to Gwyneth Paltrow's brilliant character Holly Holiday becoming a recurring character as Will Schuster's love interest. Dirty bit.
And while there were many winners of the night, I'd be remiss not to mention the loser of the night: Leggings.

I get it...you're dancing. As high schoolers, there's some sense of decency you have to maintain, but whoever said it was okay to pair cotton leggings with robin's egg blue silk dupioni should be shot. In public. Several times. And forced to wear cotton leggings with silk dupioni.

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