Sunday, March 20, 2011

Elfin Shoes: Stylish and Charitable

In my head, I'm a towering 5'10", like Cindy Crawford. I'm also as thin, rich, and beautiful as her. Oh wait, that's in life, too.

Truth is, I'm a shrimpy 5'4", so I tend to prefer my footwear be tall enough to compensate for my genetics. Even on the weekends, I'll throw on my Jeffrey Campbell Tick wedges, cus ya know, they're my comfortable heels. But on a walk around DC last weekend with Kyle, wearing my Ralph Lauren brown riding boots, I realized I didn't have a closed-toe flat shoe that I felt accurately represented my style. You have my full permission to smack me straight across the face if you ever see me wearing a sneaker and not coming from or going to a gym. FULL.PERMISSION.

With sneakers out of the running (ha HA, pun intended), I realized this would be a hard shoe to fill ("how DOES she do it?"). Like some message from the heavens though, I stumbled upon Neiman Marcus' TOMS shoe collection. 

Pause for an editorial interlude: TOMS shoes are the UGG of slip on flats. They're not all that attractive, but they're comfortable, trendy with young, pretty girls everywhere, and spell their name in all caps. What's also cool about TOMS is that for every pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need, and with most pairs under $50, they're affordable too. That said, you know I would never be satisfied with a plain canvas shoe.

Fast forward to my online shopping escapade and I'm now the proud owner of these bad boys:

Okay, sure, they're a little elfin looking, but just look at that sparkle??!! I'm like a bird: I get distracted by shiny things, and in this case, I'm distracted enough from the Genie in a Bottle feel that these will make for a perfectly suitable pair of comfortable AND stylish walking shoes.

And to think, some child in need will get a pair of shoes because I bought mine. That makes my soul sparkle.

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