Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago, I unsuccessfully tried out a new chocolate cupcake recipe. The plan was to take them to work for Valentine's Day. Well, the plan was RUINED. Long story short, don't make oil-based cupcakes. Ever. Unless you enjoy spending your evening prying charred cupcake batter off of your cupcake pan. And if you do, by God, please get a new hobby.

Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to recover from the mental anguish of the last baking attempt, because let's face it, I'm perfect and never make any mistakes, but I finally did and I'm BACK y'all with these amazeballs lemon curd cupcakes.

{Lemon Sugar is so fragrant and integral to the success of this recipe}

Since I'm watching the Oscars (and live-Facebook-status-updating my thoughts on the fashion, I'll try to make this brief. 

1.) I forgot to buy lemon curd, so I had to make my own using this recipe. I've decided I will never buy lemon curd again!!!!!!!!!

{Such good lemon curd, I needed to show you three pictures of it}

2.) I used this new cupcake recipe, added fresh vanilla bean to it and then topped it with a lemon cream cheese frosting.

3.) I spotted this (what I hope is edible) pearl aerosol spray and decided I had to have it:

{The pearl spray is pretty, but kinda hard to photograph. Here's my best attempt to capture its luster}

4.) And then I ate it and realized I am probably the best baker in the WORLDDDDDDDDDDD. You should definitely make this because the cake was so light and tender, the lemon curd so tart and sweet, and the frosting so creamy and sparkly.


Rene said...

Love the luster spray! Agreed, homemade lemon curd is the bomb!

Meg O. said...

OMG. I have to try this. It looks incredible. I love anything lemon-y.

Joanna said...

looks good! I wanna try this!

Lian said...

cute cupcakes! making lemon curd yourself indeed beats the storebought stuff. however, today I'm lazy and I'm gonna use the storebought lemon curd ;)

Ginny said...

I love your blog, these cupcakes were AMAZING. I felt like a little girl making sandcastles on the beach making the lemon sugar. Definitely going in the "make again" file.

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