Friday, December 17, 2010

In Case You Needed It, More Proof Cupcakes Aren't Going Anywhere

Magnolia Bakery is famous.

Sure, they sell pies, fruit crisps, cookies, lemon bars, and banana pudding, but it's their cupcakes that put them on the map. Actually, it's Sex and the City that put them on map.

They've long been the front runner in all things cupcake, but ever since the likes of Sprinkles (blech!), Crumbs (yum!), and Georgetown Cupcake (repr'sent) hit the streets, they've kinda fallen behind. Sprinkles and Crumbs have expanded stores nationwide, all three have active Facebook and Twitter communities, and they've been shipping across the country for a while now.

But could all that change next spring?? The Wall Street Journal reports that Magnolia Bakery is set to open a 10-year lease on a 5,200 square foot Harlem production facility, designed specifically for shipping out the (debatable) good stuff to folks everywhere from Washington, D.C. to Washington state.

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Too bad they're not as delicious as they are pretty...

Honestly, I don't think this is necessary. I mean, kudos to Magnolia for finally catching on to the modern era of cupcakes, but the truth is, any city worth its salt (or sugar) probably has a cupcakery or two by now. What's more, they're probably BETTER than Magnolia, not to mention the exorbitant shipping costs required to get your cupcakes out in BFE, Arkansas.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see this happen, as I think it holds water in the whole "cupcakes are a passing fad" debate. See?!?! It's like I tol' ya...they're not!!!!!!!

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Meg O. said...

I'm so happy it turned out exactly how you wanted and I can't wait to read your How-Tos! I am a makeup/beauty freak so naturally this appeals to me! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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