Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Luby's Halloween Cupcakes

If you didn't have the pleasure of growing up in Texas as I did, you weren't exposed to a variety of cultural experiences that would undoubtedly shape your upbringing:
- Frito Pie
- Feeder Roads
- Cheerleading Murdering Moms
 Chances are good you could encounter all three of these things at a Luby's, another Texas institution. Imagine the kind of place where the old and young alike can eat their chicken fried steak and green Jell-O in cowboy-boot-wearing harmony. 

This is Luby's.

And now, they're making your Halloween celebrations just a teeny more special, offering "fa-BOO-lous" (their words, not mine!) ghost themed cupcakes by the half dozen.

 I don't particularly condone Luby's as the ideal place for purchasing your holiday cupcakes, but hey, they're pretty cheap, and they do look good. Someone needs to order these and let me know how they turn out. But watch out for that mom giving you the stink eye over the salad bar. You never know who's packing heat down there.

1 comment:

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Very cute! What flavors do they come in?

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