Friday, September 3, 2010

Look Alive, Georgetown Cupcake

There's a new player joining the game of DC cupcake roulette, and they're bringing out the big guns. New York's cupcake institution, Crumbs, will be opening up shop right in Courthouse, VA some time this fall.

Via Crumbs website
Crumbs' Cupcake of the Month flavor, Peanut Butter and Jelly...and delicious!!!

Now, there's no news about any such shop opening on their website, although they do have two OTHER locations opening in DC-proper as well. So how do I know? Well despite being 100% up-to-date about all things cupcake all the time, I happened to pass by the storefront last night. Want more proof?? I knew you wouldn't trust me, so I took photos too!

So here it shall be, on Clarendon Boulevard, directly between overpriced yoga pants and fro-yo shops. 

With 3 of these bad boys opening up in DC, resident cupcake tycoon Georgetown Cupcake may have to watch their back. Heaven forbid their wait times drop to, say, 30 minutes!!

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