Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"_________ Are So the New Cupcake"

Have you heard someone say something like this recently, or, ever?! The conversation generally goes something like this:
"Oh Bitsy, did you hear? Whoopie pies are the new cupcake? We should go stand in line for an hour for one. We can split it in half and then split that over an ice cube and self-loathing."
"Oh really, Muffy? Because I heard macarons were the new cupcake...Kitty, what do you think?"
"Well I you're both wrong! Libraries are the new cupcake. And those shoes are HIDeous."
These are typically how my conversations go (I'm generally the Kitty character, natch), but may God embarrassingly strike me down in my 5-inch purple suede pumps if ever I start talking about what the "new cupcake" will be. Do you know why??? Because there is no such thing as the "new cupcake'!!!

FACT: Cupcakes have been around for hundreds of years
'NOTHER FACT: Cupcakes are delicious. 

I don't know if you've picked up on it, but I get real annoyed real quick when I hear people say things like "cupcakes are just a fad," or "Lady Gaga is a man!" (that's neither here nor there, though). You know what's a fad? Jeggings. You know what else? Snookie. These are things whose days are numbered, and for good reason.

Yes, there's been an boom of cupcake shops over the past year or so, and yes, chances are very good that the bubble will burst, but that's not to suggest that people will suddenly consider delectable treats like cupcakes as passe. 

Do you consider birthday cake "so five years ago?" What about Rice Krispie treats? Do you scoff at the mere reference of them? And tell me, have you ever denied yourself a cookie because you were afraid of being behind the times?

The answer to these rhetorical questions is clearly no! So then why, dear readers, would cupcakes fall into some out-of-fashion-pastry black hole!? 

Do you see how preposterous this image is?!? Yeah, it's effing stupid. I can say that 'cus I made it...in MS Paint, just to prove my point! It's as stupid as the theory that cupcakes are a fad.

I hope this closes the case around what the next cupcake will be, and in case it doesn't, the next cupcakes will be...MORE cupcakes!!!

However, I would totes be down with seeing some whoopie pie or macaron shops open up here in DC. Those things are delish! That's the point after all: bringing more deliciousness to the world. I hope you can handle it.


Coco Cake Land said...

heehee! my latest Food & Wine magazine says pies are the new cupcake! Nothing can replace cupcakes, but other things can gain popularity... but I doubt any of these other things will ever catapult to the level of obsession people have over our fave frosted mini party cakes!!! ;)

i call BS on whoopie pies...
macarons are delicious though...
and YAY to regular pies, craft chocolate and artisan ice cream!


ps haven't visited your blog for a while and am enjoying all the posts...!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I'm making cupcakes for my boy's 30th birthday on Saturday. This post made me think on that again.

Unknown said...

The only thing better than cup cakes or pie is piecake or should it be cake pie. I suppose those magazine writers have to babble about something. But please cake is for ever. Everybody needs cake.

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